Let It Begin, Again.

It’s from 2019, in case you were wondering.  It was before the loss at home to the Texans.  But at least it summons up some positive vibes.  I guess the kid in the Keenan Allen jersey wasn’t feeling it.  Given the stuff I’ve seen lately about Nick Bosa and his girlfriend, I’m pretty happy we got the Bosa we did.  There hasn’t been any breaking news from Chargers camp so far and that’s a good thing.  Usually, it’s just heartbreaking injuries.  Of course, I’m not going to exhale until the end of preseason.  It seems like Derwin James knows what he’s doing.  More importantly, it seems like Brandon Staley knows what he’s doing.  Every time I see him and I hear the players being asked about him I can’t help but be impressed.  Last night I even had a dream where someone was asking me about Staley.  I know, FAITHFUL READER, I must have a pretty high opinion of myself to think anyone would be asking me my take.

Then again, I watched Justin Herbert on Max Kellmerman’s show today and remembered why people think they could do a better job hosting a show than that guy.  All he did was ask Herbert about rankings and his trade value.  Our newest rookie seems to be making a huge impact.  There hasn’t been any footage of it but he apparently blocked Bosa.  Every account of him is glowing and as I hear that Joe Burrow is getting the shit knocked out of him in Cincy I can’t believe Slater dropped to us.  Bulaga had to have his hand wrapped this week, but what else is new.  I’m surprised it hasn’t been worse for him.  I’ll take the hand wrap.  I watched the interview with Swinton and also came away feeling like we are in good hands.  I know how laser focused I’ve been on the Money Bungler, but that’s only because I can’t have us blowing games yet again.  Swinton, Staley and company don’t seem like they would tolerate that shit.  When I hear Herbert talk about how games always come down to the final 2 minutes and Staley talk about 11 guys being responsible for a mistake, it seems like the culture is really changing.  Of course, that has to result in a Lombardi at some point.  McVay turned around the Rams, but they came up short two years ago.  Staley’s defense somehow lost to the Jets last year.  What does any of this mean?  Nothing, only that NFL teams have a short window once they finally figure it out.  Like a beautiful wave, it peaks before rolling back.

I can’t believe preseason begins next weekend.  I will be away with Sam and the kids beginning next Thursday, but will certainly watch the NFL Network feed at some point.  Sadly, I always watch all of preseason by the time the opener rolls around.  That’s all for now.  I hope to get a little back and forth from the Justice League this season.  Maybe the Bolts will be good enough to prompt that.  I’ll even call us the Snyder Cut.