Lionel Messi Could Increase Inter Miami Valuation By 600% In 1 Year

Lionel Messi Could Increase Inter Milan Valuation By 600% In 1 Year

Inter Miami owner Jorge Mas told CNBC in a recent interview that Lionel Messi will make an immediate impact on the club’s balance sheet in Year 1. The Messi signing is expected to double club revenue from $56 million in 2022 to over $110 million in 2023. Messi’s arrival is also expected to increase the club’s value by over 600 percent, from $600 million to over $1.5 billion. That would instantly make Inter Miami the most valuable MLS club, up from the 11th-highest valuation in the league today.

Check out the CNBC interview with Jorge Mas below.

Messi To Make Inter Miami Most Valuable MLS Club

Messi is expected to make a major impact both on and off the pitch for Inter Miami.

Mas believes that Messi’s arrival in the U.S. will change the sport of soccer in America. “When does an athlete have an opportunity to truly change the sport?” Mas asked in the interview. “And I think that’s the opportunity that Lionel Messi has ahead of himself. I think there always be a before and after Lionel Messi’s arrival to the sport of football and soccer in the United States of America.

Inter Miami’s pitch to bring Messi to the MLS was reportedly centered around family, leaving a legacy, and following in the footsteps of football legends like Pele and David Beckham, who brought their talents to the U.S.

And the Messi effect has already begun, and thanks to a lucrative deal, the 2022 World Cup winner will also be able to participate in Inter Miami’s rise.

Messi’s contract is expected to make him the highest-paid athlete in the U.S. He will receive a share of the revenue from jersey sales and the league’s $2.5B deal with Apple+. Messi will also have the opportunity to acquire a stake in Inter Miami after he retires, allowing him to benefit from the club’s newfound success.

The average price of tickets for Inter Miami home games has jumped by 459 percent, according to TicketIQ. Meanwhile, tickets for away games are up a whopping 558 percent.

That’s not all.

Inter Miami jersey sales are expected to double over the next 12 months. The value of the team is also expected to rise by over $900 million during that span, making it the most valuable MLS club.

Messi’s arrival will reportedly make Inter Miami’s valuation jump from $600 million today to $1.5 billion next year.

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