Masters Green Jacket: History, Tradition, Protocols, and Rules

Masters Green Jacket: History, Tradition, Protocols, and Rules

The 2023 Masters will tee off from Augusta National in Georgia next week for the first major tournament of the PGA Tour season. Learn the history of the Masters green jacket, why it is awarded to winners, along with the traditions and protocols surrounding the iconic symbol.

Everything that happens at Augusta National is rooted in history. The Masters is a tradition like any other and there’s nothing that’s more iconic than the Green Jacket. Every year at the end of the tournament, the Masters Champion receives a Green Jacket, a symbol that is only reserved exclusively for Masters winners.

The history of the Green Jacket dates back to Bobby Jones, Clifford Roberts, and the founding of the Club. Since 1949, the winner of each Masters has received a Green Jacket and an honorary membership to Augusta National Golf Club.

However, the Green Jacket actually originated in 1937.

Read on to learn more about the history of the Masters Green Jacket.

The Green Jacket History

The first Green Jacket was made by the Brooks Uniform Company in New York City in 1937. According to, back then the jackets were used for members at Augusta National Golf Club to use during the Masters to help fans easily spot assistance.

It wasn’t until 1949 when Sam Snead won the Masters and was given a Green Jacket that the tradition originally started. Since then, at the conclusion of the Tournament, the previous champion has inaugurated the new Masters champion by presenting them with the Green Jacket.

The Green Jacket ceremony is one of the most recognizable symbols of Augusta, Masters, and golf.

Masters Rules for Green Jacket

Over time, the Green Jacket traditions and protocols have changed. Now, only the current champion is allowed to keep the Jacket in their possession. Generally during this time, the Green Jacket is spotted on late-night TV, courtside, and in various places.

Except for the current winner, all the Green Jackets are kept in the Champions Locker room. It’s not until every spring when former champions gather on the grounds of Augusta National to either compete or join in on the traditions until they get to wear their Green Jackets again.

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