Messi Has Increased MLS Ticket Sales By 1034%, Generating $265M Alone

Messi Has Increased MLS Ticket Sales By 1034%, Generating $265M Alone

Inter Miami made huge moves this summer after signing Lionel Messi to the MLS. Since Messi’s arrival, he’s absolutely shaken up the MLS. Inter Miami has been undefeated, they won the League Cup last week and won Messi’s MLS debut against the New York Red Bulls.

The ticket prices have dramatically increased since the soccer legend has been on the pitch. Just for his season opener in New Jersey, ticket prices increased by 285%. Not only is Inter Miami benefiting from signing Messi but the whole league is with ticket prices going through the roof.

Lionel Messi Generates $265 Million in Ticket Sales

Messi made his US debut during the Leagues Cup against Cruz Azul and never looked back.

The Argentinian soccer legend made an immediate impact on ticket prices, which sky-rocketed by 1034% after his reported signing.

For every game that involved Messi, ticket prices have increased dramatically. Since joining the MLS, Messi has generated $265 million in ticket sales alone.

Since soccer stadiums in the US are generally smaller, tickets are even more expensive to see Messi. There weren’t tickets available to see Messi for under $200.

For Messi’s game against Los Angeles FC, Inter Miami tickets are about $422 to get in the front gate.

Messi’s reach doesn’t just stop there.

Since making his debut, MLS Season Pass on AppleTV has gained over 300,000 new subscribers gaining over $29.7 million. Thanks to his deal, Messi will receive a portion of revenue.

Lionel Messi’s Tickets against New York Bulls Up 285% Since His US Arrival

Over the weekend, Inter Miami traveled to New Jersey to take on the New York Red Bulls. Before Messi’s arrival in the US, tickets were only worth $29. Since then, they’ve increased by 285% to $850.

Messi made his official MLS debut against the New York Red Bulls but wasn’t put in the starting lineup.

After playing eight games in four weeks, Messi and Sergio Busquets were sidelined for some much-needed rest. The game was a huge highlight for New York, thousands of fans packed into Times Square to watch the live stream of the game.

Messi came off the bench but fans were still very excited to see him on the pitch and he delivered one of the best MLS goals of the season.

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