Mike Mayock addresses Antonio Brown suspension

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It didn’t take long for Raiders receiver Antonio Brown to show his true colors, as Oakland’s biggest offseason acquisition is already causing the team headaches.

And it sure shouldn’t come as a surprise, as the Steelers shipped Brown to Oakland for a measly late-round pick, just so they could get him out of their hair, despite the dead cap money. Pittsburgh’s front office must be laughing their behinds off right now.

Brown threw a long-standing tantrum about his helmet, and sat out a number of practices as a result. The team responded by fining him, which resulted in him reportedly getting into a shouting match with general manager Mike Mayock during practice on Wednesday.

And now, the team is preparing to suspend Brown, for an indefinite period of time. Mayock addressed the situation in speaking to reporters on Thursday, but didn’t say much.

This marriage was never built to last, it’s just who AB is.

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