MrBeast Buys Hornets Jersey Sponsorship Patch In Ground-Breaking Deal

MrBeast Buys Hornets Jersey Sponsorship Patch In Ground-Breaking Deal

MrBeast’s chocolate company, Feastables, has become the official sponsor of the Charlotte Hornets. The Feastables logo will appear as a jersey patch on the Hornets’ jerseys, making it the first jersey patch sponsorship between a creator-led brand and an NBA franchise. Find out more about the historic sponsorship deal below.

MrBeast is the most popular creator on YouTube with over 188 million subscribers.

As a creator, he’s made a net worth for himself of over $500 million.

MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, grew up in Greenville, North Carolina and he recently made history by sponsoring his hometown team.

Recently, he’s made headlines after his chocolate company Feastables became the official jersey sponsor of the Charlotte Hornets. It marks the first time a jersey patch sponsorship will happen between a creator-led brand the an NBA franchise.

Charlotte Hornets Teams Up with MrBeast For Patch Sponsorship

The Charlotte Hornets announced that MrBeast’s company, Feastables, will be the team’s official jersey patch partner for the 2023-2024 season.

The Feastables patch will also be stitched on jerseys for the Greensboro Swarm (NBA G-League) and Hornets Venom GT, which is an NBA 2K League esports team.

Feastables will be replacing LendingTree as the Hornets’ Jersey sponsor, breaking off a five-year partnership in June.

The Hornets will also include Feastable branding in backdrops used during press conferences and interviews. The NBA franchise is already giving fans the opportunity to buy jerseys with the Feastables branding on them at the Hornets Fan Shop.

First Partnership Between NBA Franchise and Social Media Star

It’s the first high-profile business move that new owners Rich Schnall and Gabe Plotkin have made since taking over from Michael Jordan in July.

The partnership between MrBeast is the first kind between an NBA Team and a YouTuber.

“Our new ownership handed us the keys and told us to be creative and set a new standard,” Hornets chief revenue officer Jacob Gallagher told Darren Rovell of Action Network. “We thought we found that in Mr. Beast, a local North Carolina guy who helps us flip the script and turn heads.”

Feastables has proven to become a successful company. In 2022, the chocolate bar company made $10 million in revenue in its first few months.

By teaming up with Feastables, the Charlotte Hornets are hoping to spring up additional jersey sales for the franchise, which typically ranks outside the top 10 in merchandise sales.

Launched in 2022, Feastables already has a valuation of over $50 million.

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