NFL Fans React To Dolly Parton’s Halftime Performance During The Washington Commanders vs. Dallas Cowboys Game

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton’s halftime performance at the Washington Commanders vs. Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving game created a lot of buzz on the internet.

Here are NFL fans reactions.

1. How Old Is She?

Dolly is 77 years old, and fans cannot believe it.

Age is just a number especially when it comes to Dolly Parton.

Called “ageless” and “elegant”, Parton wowed the audience in the stadium and those watching on television.

God Bless America and Dolly Parton, one fan noted.

Another indicated that Dolly should run for President.

Her abs are flatter than most women at any age especially on Thanksgiving when most of us are full from a turkey dinner.

Women across the country agree with AnnetteFun.

2. The Eagles Fan Site Had A Sarcastic Remark

Of course, a Philadelphia Eagles fan site, Eagles Nation, had something to say about the song selection, specifically, Queen’s “We Are The Champions.”

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