NFL Network Host And Michigan Alum Rich Eisen Reacts To SF 49ers Drafting Michigan Kicker Jake Moody

Jake Moody

The 2023 NFL Draft is not over after the high glitz and high profile first round on Thursday night.

A lot of high-quality players are drafted on the second day of the NFL Draft, but rarely are they kickers.

Kickers tend to be an afterthought that are drafted very late or are signed over the summer as undrafted free agents.

That was not the case on Friday night as the San Francisco 49ers took the plunge and in the third round with the No. 99 overall pick, took a kicker.

He is Michigan’s Jake Moody, and Rich Eisen could not have been happier.

Eisen is the NFL Network host and Michigan alumnus who could not get done singing Moody’s praises as people expressed surprise at the 49ers using an “early” pick for a kicker.

What Eisen Said

In addition to lauding the 49ers’ front office personnel for being smart people, Eisen proclaimed Moody as the best kicker to come out of Michigan since he became a fan in 1986.

Moody could slide right into the starting job since veteran Robbie Gould opted to leave the 49ers in free agency and remains unsigned.

Moody Is An Upgrade Over Gould

The 49ers definitely are getting an upgrade from Gould to Moody.

To be fair, Gould is 40 years old and has enjoyed a great career, but the 23-year-old Moody has more range and is accurate.

He made every extra point in his five-year college career; that is equal to 148.

Moody missed only 15 field goals, going 69 of 84.

He opens the field to more scoring opportunities for the 49ers.

The other place that Moody can serve as an upgrade is on kickoffs.

Moody was viewed as one of the best on kickoffs.

Moody And Gould Know Each Other

Both kickers have the same agent and know each other.

Robbie Gould texted Moody after the 49ers selected him.


Some will view this as a garbage pick because the 49ers could have selected a different position player, who in their view, would make a bigger impact.

However, teams also need the clutch kicker to score lots of points and win games for them, and if Moody can do that, he will be a hero in San Francisco.


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