Patriots Fire Back at NFL


The gloves are still off between the NFL and Tom Brady as now the NFL appeal hearing is over and we are waiting for that answer. Tom Brady and the Patriots are not going to waste this time as just today they updated the Wells Report in Context website. This time the Brady and the Patriots came back hot posting just about 8,000 words about the background and myths of Deflategate. In this article I will break down 9 of the 15 myths in the Wells report in context. At first I was going to do all 15 but I got done 9 of them and I was toast and angry at that the NFL lies this much.

This is awesome don’t show the NFL you are going to back down keep going point them out on every little thing they did wrong. We already know Goodell and the NFL lied, it did not take a brain surgeon to figure that out. Goodell is excessively using his power and I am done with it. He can pay off just about anyone he wants but not the courts they tell the truth and that was already proven by judge Berman. I am sick of this Goodell needs to be fired and we all need to get back to football and not slightly deflated footballs.

The first myth that was brought up was “The NFL’s lawyers told Exponent to assume it took up to 9 minutes of halftime to complete the initial gauging of 11 Patriots’ footballs.” The Patriots have a point here the math does not add up. Let’s remember halftime is only 13 and half minutes so you take away the 9 minutes to check the Patriots footballs and there is four and a half minutes remaining in halftime. So you are going to tell me that the Patriots footballs took 9 minutes to check and the Colts only took four and a half if that? This is an absolute lie by the NFL there is no way they had time to check all these footballs.

Myth number two was “The Colts’ footballs were gauged immediately after the Patriots’ footballs were gauged, and before the Patriots’ footballs were re-inflated and re-gauged.”  Once again there is not enough time in halftime for the officials to check both teams’ footballs! “The NFL’s lawyers told Exponent to assume that the Colts’ footballs were gauged before the Patriots’ footballs were re-inflated, yet the Wells Report does not describe what any of the seven League witnesses present at halftime actually said regarding the sequence of these events.” This would explain why the officials only got to check four of the Colts footballs there was just not enough time to do it. But yet the NFL keeps saying they check all the footballs for both teams.

They also point out that the Colts footballs would not start to be tested until 11 minutes into the overtime. So that mean the footballs had 11 minutes to warm up in the 72°F official’s locker room. This is being compared to the Patriots footballs that were tested at the beginning of halftime with no time to warm up. This is why the Patriots footballs would be at a lower reading then the Colts.

Myth number three “The Patriots’ footballs were not sufficiently wet to affect their PSI”.   The Patriots footballs used in the AFC Championship game were yet, there is no way around it, and it down poured the whole game. With the Footballs being yet that makes the warming process take longer. The Colts balls had an extra 11 minutes to warm up and regain the PSI. This is just another one of the simple things the NFL will not admit happened.

Myth number four was “The two gauges used at halftime were the Logo and Non-Logo gauges brought to the Game by Referee Walt Anderson.” According to the footnotes deep in the wells report there is a chance that the PSI gauge used during halftime was not the logo or non logo gauge. According to footnote 37, “neither Mr. Blakeman nor Mr. Prioleau recalled what gauge each used at halftime.” also that “Mr. Farley, the note-keeper at halftime, wrote down that one of the gauges used at halftime was the gauge brought to the Officials’ Locker Room pre-game by the Patriots”.

Footnote 38 says “the Exponent tests of the Logo and Non-Logo gauges showed they often varied from each other by as much as 0.75 PSI”. So there is a chance that the gauge they used was the Patriots PSI gauge.

Myth number five was “Referee Anderson used the Non-Logo gauge pre-game.”               This would prove the inconsistency of the gauges used that night. In order for it to be accurate you have to use the same gauges both times pre-game and halftime. If there is a chance that they used the Patriots gauge in halftime and the logo gauge pre-game all the data will be inaccurate. When Anderson said his “best recollection” was he used the logo gauge pre-game the NFL lawyer was very quick to reject it.

Myth number six was “The PSI measurements pre-game and at halftime were scientifically reliable enough to base definitive conclusions on them.” This one was interesting to me at first I did not think it was a good but after reading it they made a valid point. The NFL lawyer was very quick to reject what gauge Anderson used during halftime but yet accepted number of what he thought the PSI of the footballs were. There was no recording of PSI pregame as it was not protocol, but yet they accepted his numbers on the PSI for 48 footballs down to a tenth of a pound of PSI. This sounds fishy to me he should know what gauge he is using before remembers the PSI of 48 total footballs.

Myth number seven and eight were just stupid things the NFL is trying to force against the Patriots. Number seven was “The Jastremski/McNally texts are evidence of an ongoing, longstanding scheme to deflate footballs below regulation after the Referee’s pre-game inspection.” Number eight was that “Jastremski/McNally texts did not contradict the existence of any deflation scheme.”  This one is just a joke guys are guys and are going to say stuff over text. That about all I have to say about that. I do not believe there was any longstanding scheme. I can’t believe the NFL would speculate about this.

Myth number nine was also a joke by the NFL but hey we will talk about it. Number nine was “McNally secretly left the Official’s Locker Room and sneaked into a nearby bathroom.”  When you have to use the bathroom you go to the bathroom. It’s not like he was taking back hallways of Gillette stadium he was in the eyes of dozens of officials. McNally is just trying to do his job and they are trying to turn him into a criminal for going to the bathroom. Him going to the bathroom had nothing to do with footballs losing PSI.

Well that was fun, that’s enough Deflategate for a day or so.


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