Performance Lab® Sleep Review


It is no secret that working hard is one of the surest ways to guarantee success eventually. You can have all the talent in the world – it’s going to get you nowhere unless you put the hard work in too.

There aren’t really any exceptions to this. It’s true in the world of sports, business and entertainment.

We support the sentiment behind this, but some people have taken things to extremes. People brag about pulling 16-hour days working on their business or holding down a full-time job and side-hustle while they spend their free time getting their start up off the ground. Or staying up late partying into the night and coming in to work after a couple hours sleep, week in week out.

Examples like these have become associated with being successful but living like this is not sustainable. And we are starting to realize that if we want to avoid burnout and breakdowns then we need to stop working hard and start working smart.

Working smart means taking your work time seriously and utilizing non-work time to invest in and look after yourself. This way, you can keep showing up every day at work feeling motivated and make the most of some well-earned relaxation time as well.

This generally consists of looking after yourself physically by eating well, staying fit and healthy, and looking after your mental health by engaging in activities like meditation, mindfulness, journaling or yoga. If you are going to properly look after your physical and mental wellbeing, one of the most important practices to get right is your sleeping habit.

Experts agree on the importance of sleep, but we are still unravelling the mystery of exactly why sleep is so important. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute has recently released an excellent article on Sleep Deprivation and Deficiency that goes in to detail on the benefits of sleep and some of the reasons why most people these days do not get enough of it.

What Can We Do About This?

There are many reasons why we are facing a kind of sleep crisis today. The glorification of the hustle is only one of these reasons. Another would be how difficult it is to disconnect from the online world of video streaming, social media and other content that keep pulling us towards our smartphones when we really should be heading for the sack.

Switching off is hard. Failing to do so keeps our brains ticking over and postpones the processes that prepare our bodies for sleep. The light from screens tricks our bodies in to thinking that it’s daytime and prevents the release of important sleep hormones.

There are some good habits you can build that will help maintain a healthy bedtime routine and sleep cycle, but before we dive in to those, we’re going to have a look at one of the best sleep supplements available and see why getting your hands on Performance Lab® Sleep might just change your nighttime routine, and possibly your life, for the better.

Introducing: Performance Lab® Sleep

Performance Lab® are a leading supplement company that are committed to producing the very finest quality supplements that work in line with the natural rhythms and processes of your body. It’s fair to say that we are fans of the Performance Lab range of products. While some supplements seek to disrupt or even override these processes altogether, Performance Lab® knows better.

They know that the best way to ensure that their products are both highly effective and safe to take on a constant basis is to provide superpowered support for what is already happening naturally in your body.

Sometimes this involves packing their supplements with many ingredients all engineered to work in harmony with one another, as is the case with their Whole Food Multi product which we reviewed here.

Other times, as with their sleep supplement, it is a case of picking the two or three absolute best ingredients and serving them up with a side order of solid scientific evidence.

The Ingredients

Magnesium 100 mg (as Magnesium Bis-glycinate 300mg, Magnesium Taurate 200mg & Whole-Food NutriGenesis™ Magnesium 30mg)

Don’t worry, we didn’t get that one either, at least not at first! Let’s break it down a bit.

Magnesium is one of the most reliable supporting agents for sleep preparation. The magnesium in Performance Lab Sleep is made up of three different forms of magnesium, all of which have high ‘bioavailability’ – they are quickly and easily absorbed by your body.

There are two main ways in which magnesium helps you sleep. It acts as a regulator for neurotransmitters, which are chemicals in your brain that make it possible to transfer large amounts of information very quickly. Magnesium helps your brain and nervous system to relax, making you feel ready for sleep.

Also, magnesium regulates the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is produced in the pineal gland and is responsible for managing your body’s sleep cycle. Exposure to light is one of the main inhibitors of melatonin production, so magnesium can really help to counter the effects of being glued to your TV or phone close to bedtime.

Of course, if you’re truly dedicated to better sleep practices, having at least an hour’s break from blue light before bed – the kind that comes from your TV, tablets, laptops and phones – is advisable.

Montmorency Tart Cherry (CherryPURE®) (50:1) 500 mg

Speaking of melatonin, Montmorency tart cherry just so happens to be one of the best natural sources of melatonin in the world. It is so widely supported as a great sleep aid that many companies offer a powdered version of Montmorency tart cherry (also called ‘Montmorency sour cherry’, or simply ‘sour cherry’) as a standalone sleep supplement.

Pairing it with the ingredients in this formula makes much more sense though. While there is good scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of this ingredient when used alone, the other ingredients in Performance Lab Sleep work to support the extra melatonin and ensure it takes effect quickly and effectively.

The advantage of using a natural source of melatonin like this cherry is that synthetic forms are often highly concentrated and can leave you feeling groggy long after you have woken up in the morning. The particular form of Montmorency tart cherry that Performance Lab® have chosen here is CherryPURE® – a highly concentrated but entirely natural form of tart cherry that packs the equivalent of 25g of cherries in to one serving.

L-Tryptophan (TryptoPure®) 250 mg

This useful little amino acid is a genius addition to the formula. It works beautifully in line with magnesium and melatonin to produce different sleep-inducing effects.

With magnesium, L-tryptophan works to increase production of serotonin, an important chemical that is produced naturally in your body and help you to feel relaxed and ready for sleep as the day wears on.

With melatonin, L-tryptophan supports the healthy production of melatonin and a calm relaxation in the evening that lasts through to the next morning.

TryptoPure® is a patented amino acid that guarantees no GMO or gluten and is eco-friendly to produce whilst offering the highest quality and bioavailability.

Performance Lab® Sleep Review

Performance Lab® Sleep Benefits

  • It offers a straightforward formula packed full of only the most effective, proven sleep-promoting ingredients
  • There are no synthetic additives or GMO to be found anywhere
  • The formula is allergen free
  • And vegan-friendly!
  • A high-quality supplement from a globally renowned company
  • It supports healthy, natural sleep by complimenting and regulating your body’s natural nighttime processes

Who Is It For?

The importance of getting enough sleep cannot be overstated. Whether you are feeling tired and stressed while at work, struggling to switch off at night, waking up every morning and dreading the day ahead or feeling overwhelmed at home, a good night’s sleep can help form the basis for turning all these things around.

The fact that Sleep, like all the Performance Lab® products, contains no allergens, GMO, gluten, soy, synthetic additives or animal byproducts means it is suitable for just about everyone. Of course, we recommend that you consult your doctor before starting any new supplement regime.

How Should You Take It?

The manufacturer’s advice is to take 2 caps (the recommended daily serving) between 45 and 60 minutes before bedtime. You can take up to 4 caps per day if needed.

To see the best results, it is recommended that you take Performance Lab® Sleep daily and consistently.

Performance Lab® Sleep Review


Performance Lab® Sleep is an outstanding supplement to help anyone who needs to establish a healthier sleep cycle, but there are other practices that can help too. Using Performance Lab® Sleep in conjunction with some of these will ensure you have the best night’s sleep of your life and are fully prepared for whatever the days throw at you.

Try to go to bed and wake at around the same time each day (weekends too!) and ensure that you consistently get between 7 and 8 hours of sleep every night. Go to bed when you feel sleepy, and if you are still struggling to get to sleep after 20 minutes or so, get out of bed and read a book in a different room until you feel sleepy again.

Switch off all screens around one hour before you go to bed to give your body the best chance to wind down naturally. Avoid big meals close to bedtime as well as alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine. Ensure your bedroom is cool (60 to 70 degrees is recommended) quiet and dark – optimum conditions for falling asleep.

Finally, staying physically active and mentally healthy during the day will help you feel ready for sleep when bedtime rolls around.

For more information on healthy sleeping habits and other tips for dealing with sleep-related issues, check out the National Sleep Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to helping individuals understand the importance of sleep.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for an all-natural sleep aid, Performance Lab Sleep is our top choice.

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