Pittsburgh Native And Buffalo Bills Safety Damar Hamlin Throws Out First Pitch At Pirates Game

Damar Hamlin

Pittsburgh native and Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin admitted that he felt like a kid at Christmas during the Pittsburgh Pirates pregame on Tuesday, June 27, 2023.

Hamlin, decked out in the Pirates City Connect jersey, threw out the first pitch.

The pitch was a good one that successfully made it across the plate.

He is a fan of all things Pittsburgh and even has the Pirates logo tattooed on his neck.

It is obvious that Hamlin is happy to be home and honored to throw out the first pitch.

Hamlin is a walking miracle.

After suffering a cardiac arrest on the field during the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals game in January, watching Hamlin resume normal life activities is a blessing.

The heroic acts of the first responders on the field and the health care professionals at the Cincinnati hospital are the heroes that saved his life.

Hamlin was cleared to return to football and participated in Bills OTAs this spring.

He is also continuing his work with the American Heart Association to educate people on CPR.

As part of the CPR project with the New York Yankees, Hamlin will throw out the first pitch at the Yankees game on July 3.

Damar Hamlin is the feel-good sports story of 2023; anything he does is a delight to watch.

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