Pre-Draft List of Don’ts by @rcanepac

We are just two days away from the 2018 NFL draft and, yes, this is an important one. Instead of what I’d like, I’m putting together this piece about what I wouldn’t like to happen. First, the list of Don’ts for the Bills front office.


  1. Don’t sell the house if you’re not sure

Look, right now, the Bills are like a 36 year old person who just lost its virginity whilst all of their peers lost it 20 years ago. Going to the playoffs was that big a deal for the organization. But just because you lost it, it doesn’t mean you’ll marry the first person in front of you just for the sake of keeping it going.

Please, Bills, don’t sell the house for nothing. I’m OK for trading your next 10 picks IF you feel that the QB you’re drafting is THE guy. But giving away all your belongings just because of FOMO is just sad. Don’t panic and be rationale.


  1. Don’t dismiss your guy because he has a brain

I have to confess it. After last year, I’m a “process” guy as well. McBeane have earned my trust in their way of running the team at least for the short term being. But passing on on a QB, just because he’s outspoken and because he will challenge you, is mediocre.

I would get it if the bills decided not to draft a QB because he’s a party animal or a locker room breaker (hi 90s bills!). But leadership is not about imposing, it’s about convincing. And if you can’t convince a smart player that your scheme is the best fit for the team, that probably means you’re the problem. Dismiss them when they are trouble, not when you’re afraid of looking dumb. Also, don’t dismiss the guy because he will talk about things outside from football.


  1. Don’t pick the guy based on weather or offensive scheme

Sure, once / twice a year we get terrible weather in Orchard park. But what about the other 14 games?! So don’t bring me the “we need a strong arm” BS. Also, don’t tell me that Allen would’ve been a gun slinger in a game like last year’s against Indianapolis. WRs couldn’t even run a deep rout! I have to give to AJ here: accuracy > big arm. Even more, this is my order for any QB: decision making > accuracy > winning mentality > speed > improvisation skills > big arm. We’ve had some big arm exponents here (see EJ, TT) and we don’t want any more tents to be hit. Also, pocket awareness, speed and improvisation can make a difference with a crappy OL and slow WRs.

Also, offensive schemes change. Choose the smart guy. The one who takes the best decisions. That’s what wins you games.


  1. Don’t listen to Russ

Do I really need to explain this in this blog? Just in case, and since Joe stretched hands with him, I’ll repeat what’s been said plenty of times. Let the football guys run the circus. You changed the whole football ops guys. Think new.


  1. Don’t over think it. Don’t try to outsmart others or yourself

If things don’t go as planned, and as said on item 1 above, stick to the board and draft to fill the holes. As Beane said, forget the hunches. Think long term and not to secure the jobs or to sell more season tickets.


  1. If you don’t come out with a QB, don’t say you drafted the player that was on top of the board

We’re not that stupid. We know you’re after a QB. So we don’t want to hear the cheesy speech of “this guy was always our guy” if he won’t be wearing a red shit in training camp. Don’t insult our intelligence. Come up with something sincere like “as the draft went on, we felt like this guy was the best pick available”. And yes. If he’s not a QB, you kind of failed with the original plan, but we would trust that you did everything in your power to get the QB. Otherwise, we would doubt of your intelligence. You don’t want to lose us after ending the drought.

Now, an important Don’t for us.

Let’s don’t be the guy who tries to appear smart by saying, no matter who they pick, “he’s a bust!!”. History has shown us that promising players can suck and that anonymous guys can rock it. Don’t be pretentious or smart ass. As for me, as long as the front office stays true to us as fans, I’ll trust the picks until proven otherwise. If they show us that they followed their plan, cool. But don’t burry the body before it’s dead. Keep your whiner line comments to yourself. If they don’t draft the guy you have a man crush with, that’s ok too. Do you remember what happened with Peterman? Stay humble and learn from it.

I really hope that they draft a QB and that this guy is good. I want a good and long marriage with a great QB. Let’s avoid being the cranky mother-in-law who ruins the relationship.

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