Pure Sweat Basketball releases Andrew Wiggins workout video


Are you looking for another reason to get excited about the Minnesota Timberwolves’ 2016-17 season?

Well, Pure Sweat Basketball just gave us one, as trainer Drew Hanlen partnered with Whistle Sports to give fans a brand-new exclusive video of an Andrew Wiggins workout during the offseason.

Wiggins first began working with Hanlen before his rookie season in 2014-15, and it’s easy to see that Hanlen has helped Wiggins develop his game at the NBA level.

“I trust him. I don’t really have any doubts,” Wiggins said to EastBay Blog Oct. 8. “That’s his job. His job is to get me better. I put all my trust in him, and look what it did to me my first year in the NBA and my second year. Every year I progressed and I got better.”

With Wiggins heading into his third NBA season, he has been working on ways to take his game to the next level.

“With Drew I fixed a lot of the mechanics with my shot,” Wiggins said in the video. “I’m using my hips in the shot, I’m fixing the way I hold the ball and not popping the ball when I shoot.

“We’re working on a lot of things, but this is the process I need to become an All-Star. If I improve my shooting and ball handling, then that will give me a chance to become a superstar in this league and that’s what Drew has me doing.”

Hanlen, a former point guard at Belmont University and current CEO of Pure Sweat Basketball, currently has 17 NBA clients. Hanlen, 25, started Pure Sweat basketball in 2012 and he immediately began working with three Vanderbilt players—Festus Ezeli, John Jenkins and Jeffrey Taylor—who were selected in the 2012 NBA Draft.

“I’ve accepted my role in being in the background and giving them that little extra assistance to make sure they have a competitive advantage every time they step on the court against an opponent,” Hanlen told Sporting News in 2015. “My ultimate goal is to help as many players (as possible) reach the level of success they dream of and take them beyond what they even think is capable. That’s the kind of mission statement and my personal belief.

“I’ve been able to help a lot of players and business is doing great.”

With the help of Hanlen, Wiggins points-per-game average jumped from 16.9 during his rookie campaign to 20.7 last season.

With Wiggins and Hanlen putting so much time in during the offseason to improve Wiggins’ overall game, what will we see from the 21-year-old this season? How many points per game will Wiggins score this year for the Wolves?

Tune into our podcast, The Howl, during its first episode of the season Oct. 26, to hear what we think we’ll see from Wiggins this season.

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