Rams Make Move to Los Angeles


The NFL has given The St. Louis Rams permission to move back to where things started out in Los Angeles, California. The vote took place today and the vote was near unanimous. The relocation was approved with 30 owners for and 2 against. The only owner not in attendance was Amy Adams Strunk of the Tennessee Titans. This was due to them needing to do more important things such as get the franchises front office straightened out. The proposed $1.86 Billion stadium would be the most expensive stadium, surpassing $1.6 Billion Metlife Stadium. The stadium will be located in Inglewood, California which is the home of the famous Randy’s Donuts.This is great for the city of Los Angeles as they have not had an NFL team since 1994 and from 1990-1994 they did not have a winning season. The last playoff appearance an LA NFL franchise was in took place in 1989 which is just about unheard of from a market as large as Los Angeles. Things ended ugly in 1994 with less than 30,000 people were in attendance to watch the once beloved rams limp to a 4-12 season.

The stadium will not be finished until 2019 so the Ram’s will be playing at another stadium in the Los Angeles area. They may not be the only team moving to LA. The Chargers are being given an option to move in with the Ram’s but they would join the year after the Ram’s. It seems more likely than not the the Chargers will be staying in San Diego though.This means the the Raider’s are 100% staying in Oakland which makes sense as they have a dedicated fan base that finally has a team to cheer for now that their young players are developing nicely.

Lastly Eric Dickerson ,who spent his first 5 NFL seasons with the Rams and is one of the all-time great running-backs, said what I think most of Los Angeles was feeling.Screenshot_19

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