Randy Moss thinks he could dominate today’s NFL at 39 years old

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Randy Moss never lacked for confidence.

Now 39 years old and suiting up for the broadcast booth instead of cleats to hit the field, Moss hasn’t shied away from suggesting he could be one of the best in the game.

Jonathan Jones of Sports Illustrated  caught up with Moss, who suggested he could go off in the right system, even at his age:

“Where I’m at closing on 40 years old,” Moss said, “I think being able to use me inside the 40-yard line for my height, still my skill set, still have quickness, I think my speed has left a little bit. But my skillset, 16 games, I’d say anywhere between nine to 12 or 13 touchdowns. Somewhere in there.”

In other words, Moss very much seems to want another shot.

It’s easy to doubt Moss. He’s older than most in the league now and back in 2012 with the San Francisco 49ers, he only caught three scores over 12 games.

Again, Moss says the system has to be right, though. Still, 12 or 13 scores would put him among the top six scorers last year, as six names caught 12 or more scores, counting wideouts and tight ends.

That’s a strong claim by Moss. It’s hard to imagine a team would take him up on the suggestion these days, but plenty of notable teams could use another wideout (coughMinnesotaVikingscough).

For now, Moss’ words are just words.

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