Relentless Patriots Fall Short


The work, blood, sweat and determination the Patriots put into this season was unbelievable but the injuries and newbies caught up to them.

Brady was the leading rusher for the Patriots with 13 yards on the ground as the Patriots fell short to the Denver Broncos 20-18. Rob Gronkowski was the player the Pats needed to count on when it mattered and he did deliver with a 144 yard performance and a late TD score which was followed up by the failed two point conversion. Along with Gronk, I believe all Patriots did a solid job in today’s performance. Edelman on the offensive side,  Amendola as well and many others trying to climb the ladder and take down Denver.

For everyone who has criticized the offensive line, I would highly recommend not criticizing them. They work there butts off on every snap and in these situations, it is nerve racking but they did the best they could against this Denver defense of abomination.

I hate to say it but the missed extra point in the first half was a real punch in the gut. Right as he missed it you knew it was going to come back to bite us. But you can not complain, after all he is a human. The fact he hit 524 consecutive PAT’s is incredible.

The Patriots had some extraordinary players who shined on defense today that will eventually have a long, successful career. Jamie Collins recorded two sacks today and was stellar as a defensive end and linebacker (recorded 9 tackles). Logan Ryan and Justin Coleman were great in man coverage against their man swatting balls away and essentially taking away extra points that Denver would of scored. But overall, everyone played their best performances and that is what matters at the end of the day. Denver’s defense was just better than us and it took a big toll on us.

Everyone is going to crap on the referees as always but they did what every referee endures each week which is criticism. I thought the refs did a good job making their calls and executed what they needed to do. I tip my hat to Ed Hochuli and his crew for calling the AFC Championship.


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