Report: A Kawhi Leonard trade to the Lakers is not a dealbreaker for LeBron James

NBA: Finals-Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers

Due to the recent news of Kawhi Leonard demanding a trade, most reports have indicated the Lakers are the team he wants to be traded to. In the past year, there have been rumors swirling that LeBron could go to the Lakers and leave the Cavaliers. In a perfect storm of free agency drama, the Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James superteam rumors have begun. But, according to Ryen Russillo, Kawhi Leonard being traded to LA is not a dealbreaker for James.

LeBron has never been a player to jump on the first shiny opportunity that arises. He is going to take his time and scan the market thoroughly. In fact, reports have suggested  that James’ reps have been in contact with the Cavaliers — and LeBron is still undecided at this point. As of now, the Cavaliers are still looking to draft who LeBron likes  and still go after big name players like Kawhi Leonard  among others. In the end, James is not bolting out the door to any team yet, every team mentioned to be in the race has the same chance as they did two weeks ago.

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