Rig Radio is Back!

It’s been quite a while since the Oilers Rig has had any kind of podcast happening, so prior to the first round of the playoffs, Alex Thomas, Avry Lewis-McDougall and I sat down to talk a little bit about our predictions for the postseason. You can find that episode here.

Yesterday, the three of us were joined by a special guest to talk a little bit about the end of the first round (except for the one series that’s still happening even though the second round has already begun). Come along for the ride as the three of us, plus Steven [last name redacted] discuss the underwhelming end of the Oilers season and make some bold predictions for the rest of the playoffs, as well as discuss which of us is the best candidate to be an NHL GM.

Check out Episode 2 now. We’re on all your favourite podcast providers (except Apple Podcasts, but that’s coming).