Ken Rosenthal: Los Angeles, Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen will make CitiField a fortress with Technology

Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen will usher in the next era of New York Mets and take Citi Field to new heights according to sportswriter, Ken Rosenthal. The Los Angeles born former sports agent was recently announced as the new General Manager of New York Mets, and he didn’t waste time to get the ball rolling.

Ryan Van Wagenen

Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen has been known to exude the right character, mentality and an appetite for excellence ever since his productive years at the sports management agency, a position that saw him play a significant role in executing some of the biggest contracts in American football history.

Having to move to Citi Field from the comfort of his Los Angeles home and become GM of New York Mets, Van Wagenen has already envisioned a 180-degree turnaround in the new season after an uninspiring finish by the New York Mets in the 2018 season.

Since coming into the fold, Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen has kept to his words of making Citi Field a championship stadium once again. He wasted no time in making key acquisitions for their championship charge. He seems to run the team differently than most GMs given his focus on technology and keeping the numbers in mind while acquiring talent. Just recently, New York was able to sign relief pitcher JeurysFamilia, and catcher Wilson Ram. A trade with Seattle Mariners also saw them acquire closer Edwin Diaz and second baseman, Robinson Cano.

All of these additions have all come as a result of Brodie Ryan Van Wagenen, and his agent expertise. The new additions will do Mets a lot of good after they manage to finish fourth in the league, and a measly 23rd on the scoreboard for runs in the entire league. The additions would go a long way in helping to improve the weak offense of Mets and help Van Wagenen achieve his vision for the Mets.

Ken mentions that allegedly Van Wagenen will make Citi Field a fortress again.The fact that he has had lots of experience in the game as an agent, will prove a whole new set of skills that the league has not witnessed before, and it will go a long way in being helpful throughout his tenure as GM New York Mets.

The change in careers is something Brodie Ryan Kenneth Van Wagenen has always perceived would come, given his love for the game, and experience over the years, although he didn’t expect it would happen so soon. The move will amplify Van Wagenen’s net worth, and enhance his already popular name in the business.

Speaking to the assembled press in his unveiling at Citi Field, Van Wagenen said, “I am sure the met fans will come to believe that we have a thriving relationship, and moving forward, we can turn Citi Field into a citadel, and bring in lots of championship for years to come.” The style with which he manages the team along with his Los Angeles gunslinger mentality seems to do well for him.


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