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I would spend time talking about Mike Williams’ injury, but 2-4 weeks is probably the best estimate you’re going to get.  The truth is that no preseason seems to have reduced the amount of injuries the team normally has.  Considering much Williams goes all out for every deep ball, I’m surprised he’s made it this far.  Malcom Floyd wasn’t able to stay healthy playing like that.

Seeing the photo of Bosa at the bottom of the screen reminds me of the obsessive reassurance trap we all fall into with injuries.  They happen and then a million different “experts” post videos of what to expect.  I can’t do it anymore.  With everything going on right now, can we even be confident that there will be an uninterrupted season?

After seeing the Rams’ “scrimmage” at SoFi stadium on Hard Knocks, people were looking forward to the Chargers’ doing the same today.  After the shooting of Jacob Blake, Anthony Lynn apparently made the decision to cancel.  I know that a lot of people claim that they don’t want their politics and their sports to mix.  As a holder of a Masters’ Degree of American History, I think that’s unrealistic.  If you are a member of a society, you have responsibilities and privileges.  A democracy only works when citizens participate.  That being said, I won’t tell you how to feel about at one issue.  If your opinion is based on actual fact and you are willing to listen to those that disagree you, go for it.

So in lighter news, the Chargers’ receivers coach curses a lot.  “Coach Phil,” not to be confused with the title our former quarterback will one day assume is obsessed with blocking.  Keenan Allen does it and I hate to say so did Vincent Jackson.  More than telling his guys they need to block to make the team, I really liked his message of doing things when they actually matter to avoid losing yet another game by 4 points or less.

It seems like Anthony Lynn, beyond making his guys more socially aware, wants to put the game on the defense while the offense takes much better care of the ball.  I am sure Lynn wanted to sit Rivers at halftime of the game against the Chiefs in Mexico.  He didn’t and I don’t know what that says about his level of authority.  Rivers is a Charger legend and I don’t think Lynn ever thought he’d be in that position.  While the Chargers have a history of holding onto coaches longer than they should, it’s clear that Lynn has the personnel this year to play into the style he’s been preaching.

I planned to talk about the scrimmage, so this is a shorter post than planned.  I have to say, however, the kid on the bottom left looks decidedly unimpressed with Bosa’s selfie.  I, on the other hand, am eternally grateful the Chargers didn’t let him go.




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