Scoreboard Proposal Doesn’t Go As Planed At Red Sox Vs. Cubs Game


It finally happened, after watching countless amounts of proposals on jumbotrons at sporting events someone finally said no. That right at last night’s Red Sox vs. Cubs Sunday night baseball game a fan tried what would have been one of the best proposals you could ask for a Fenway proposal.

But it did not go as planned as in front of 37,731 fans a man dropped to one knee asking his girlfriend to marry him and she said no. The Fenway crowd went silent as the camera snapped off of them and onto something else. the Boston crowd being who they are would not leave it there as chants of “she said no” broke out all around the ballpark shortly after.

Fans and reporters in attendance quickly took to Twitter to share the news.

Needless to say, this was not a cheap night for that man as Fenway proposals easily run about $350 and they do not include the ring, tickets to the game, food, or parking, etc. This might take him some time to get over.

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