SeatPick Explained


In this day and age, instant gratification is so real, a service that can’t provide this is basically buried before even hitting the market. Therefore, yet another ticketing platform company for live entertainment couldn’t fall short of the quality the giants in the industry such as StubHub or Ticketmaster offer. SeatPick was built from the first byte up with one major goal in mind: making the experience of ticket purchasing as simple and fast as technologically possible. The first part is easy if you have the proper framework to work with, enough knowledge to whip everything in place with a few lines of code and some styling. However, when it comes to overcoming the second and most important hurdle in order to make the SeatPick dream come true, we simply had to go with the best. This means that SeatPick collects and displays tickets for all sorts of events only from the most reputable ticket providers from both the primary as well as the secondary markets hence saving fans the trouble of searching tickets online from hundreds of potential sites.

Our library is vast and varied with plans to take it even further in the years to come. Even though there are a plethora of tickets available for concerts, SeatPick currently caters primarily to football fans around the globe. Therefore, if you know specifically which event to attend and simply want to buy tickets online, SeatPick is here to save you the hassle. This is also valid whenever you are ready to purchase your ticket but have a feeling there’s a better deal out there just waiting to be discovered. Leave it to SeatPick to compare the best ticket deals in the market in just a few seconds, you’ll have the best and safest options in one place without the trouble.

What is SeatPick?

Bluntly, SeatPick is an aggregator that works much like (which is active in the flights business) or and (in the travel industry). SeatPick has signed partnerships with football and music ticketing mammoths and acts as an intermediary between you (the buyer) and them (the sellers). Intermediaries might be too much of a strong word, given the situation. SeatPick acts more like a team of negotiators in the sense that they’ll always find you the best prices that otherwise you’d have to spend hours on end searching for.

However, rest assured as no extra fee applies to you for using the service. There are no added fees to the buyers as revenue comes from the affiliate programs they have in place with their suppliers.

How does SeatPick work?

There are basically two steps involved from the moment you decide you want to witness some live action, be it a concert or football event:

  1. Decide upon the event
  2. Run a quick search and book your ticket

It is indeed that simple. But, behind the curtains, SeatPick sifts through dozens of websites that offer the same tickets for the same events.Using its proprietary algorithms, SeatPick matches and ranks the ticket listings and showcases the best possible deals on one interactive map, so a user can buy the safest ticket for the lowest price.

Who is SeatPick for?

SeatPickis for every fan out there from any corner of the world that would rather pack up and go to see their favourite band, artist, or football team perform live rather than sit in front of a screen. Also, the serviceis for the opportunists who know a good deal when they see one and don’t shy away from a road trip or a thrilling night out. SeatPick is also for the nitpickers, those who are looking for that specific spot in the stands and are sure they can’t have a good time if that chair is not theirs. For this type of people, we’ve implemented a state-of-the-art row level seating chart complete with an algorithm that sorts tickets by rank.

SeatPick’s plans for the future

While they currently take pride in the growing amount of fans using their platform, SeatPick are already looking for the future, the company started to expend their offering by partnering up with large travel and media sites who are looking to monetize their existing audiences, “it’s an exciting time to be in the live event industry, what we see from our recent partnerships is that ticket distribution is becoming a hot commodity, media, travel and social app’s are thirsty for the opportunity to offer relevant products with a great user experience to their users, this is as a huge opportunity both for ticket companies and rights holders to partner up and have more eyes on their products. It just doesn’t make sense for teams and artists to say: I will only offer tickets on my site and discourage any other relevant platforms from doing that”, at the end of the day a site that attracts over a million monthly users probably knows better how to market to that audience then the team, we are tapping into that by offering an easy and open way to do that via technology”, said SeatPick Co-Founder Gilad ZIlberman.