Sixers’ GM Elton Brand expects a large ‘shake up’ this offseason

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers-Press Conference

This NBA offseason will be as exciting as we thought, according to Sixers’ General Manager, Elton Brand.

One of the more intriguing NBA offseasons is approaching this year. As we know, Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant has made more than a few hints that he would be joining Free Agency this offseason. Then, a disgruntled Kyrie Irving couldn’t be more evident that he just cannot wait for the day he gets out of Boston.

Over in Toronto, Kawhi Leonard will be in search of a long-term deal if he’s happy. If not, he may be on his way out. Then, of course, there’s the Sixers, who have Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris. Sixers’ General Manager Elton Brand has made it quite clear that he would like to keep both, Butler and Harris while it is still possible. But nothing is a guarantee.

At this point, Harris is young and proven. He’s been gelling with the Sixers, so it’s doubtful that Brand allows him to leave. As for Butler, there’s still a lot left he has to prove to make a max contract worth it. That’s not to say that Butler has been bad, but he’s definitely not looking like the superstar that the Sixers thought they were getting.

With an interesting offseason looming, Butler could be in on the Free Agency action, but the Sixers situation is not what everybody is focused on. The attention is already on the potential shake-up that is about to go down. The fans figured one was coming, but now the executives are predicting a Free Agency storm this summer as well.

Elton Brand knows something we don’t…

Recently, Brand joined ESPN Insider Adrian Wojnarowski’s podcast to discuss a variety of topics. However, the discussion about the potential superstar shake-up in the offseason is what stood out the most. Apparently, another Eastern Conference executive was highly-impressed with what the Sixers did over the course of the season in terms of trading.

Although this team is not considered to be in the Eastern Conference “arms race” they may be one of the squads that will get in on the potential Durant-Leonard-Kyrie sweepstakes. Honestly, this news could be for better or for worse. If Kyrie and Leonard remain in the East, and Durant comes in as an addition, that’s bad news for Philly.

If you look at it the other way though, the Western Conference could load up instead of the East, which could potentially put the Sixers as the favorites in the East. It’s hard to speculate scenarios right now, but we do know one thing is for sure – this offseason is going to get very interesting around the NBA.

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