Steve Young comments on Colin Kaepernick as 49ers QB

Atlanta Falcons v San Francisco 49ers

Hall of Fame QB Steve Young has been back-and-forth on the 49ers quarterback situation, as he seemed to favor Blaine Gabbert over Colin Kaepernick from the beginning.

He’s now come out and said he wasn’t necessarily against making the move, but that the team’s timing was off and that they made it too late.

“It’s a little unnerving,” he said, via Kevin Jones of KNBR. “The whole we didn’t want him to play until we could get this thing wrapped up. Like, we’re in the middle of the season, we’re trying to make things different. Change it. Get people back on track. And we can’t play a guy who we think we probably should’ve played some, if not more already, but we don’t want to because if he gets hurt then we have to pay him. And I’m like, come on. Let’s get this going. So they finally get this done and now he’s playing. That just feels awkward. I don’t necessarily like it.”

Gabbert wasn’t having a horrible season, either. With a 58-percent completion percentage, and six touchdowns to five interceptions. Sure, those aren’t world-beating numbers, but when Jeremy Kerley is your No. 1 receiver, what do you expect?

Starting Kap is clearly a ploy by Trent Baalke to save his job, but it won’t be enough. He needs to go. He’s the problem.

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