The 10 Hottest NBA Wives and Girlfriends in 2022

When you make as much money as some of the players in the NBA make, it leads to having some of the hottest girls in the world as your girlfriends and wives. Check below to see us rank the 10 hottest wives and girlfriends of current NBA players.

The 10 Hottest NBA Wives and Girlfriends in 2022

Below, we will take a look at the 10 hottest wives and girlfriends of current NBA players.

10. Savannah James | LeBron James’ Wife

Savannah James Age: 35
Savannah James Height: 5 foot 7″
Savannah James Net Worth: $50 Million
Savannah James Instagram: @mrs_savannahrj

Savannah James, who was born in Akron Ohio, is the wife of LeBron James. The couple tied the knot in 2013 after LeBron proposed in 2011.

They’re known for being the most iconic couple in the NBA as there have hardly ever been rumors about LeBron cheating on her, or any family drama.

The couple was introduced to each other back when LeBron was just 17 years old when he played basketball at Saint Vincent High School in Ohio. They were connected by mutual friends and Savannah actually didn’t want to give him her number at first. However, they ended up going on a date at Outback Steakhouse and the rest is history.

LeBron and Savannah have three kids together.

9. Ayesha Curry | Stephen Curry’s Wife

Ayesha Curry Age: 33
Ayesha Curry Height: 5 foot 8″
Ayesha Curry Net Worth: $10 Million
Ayesha Curry Instagram: @ayeshacurry

Ayesha Curry and Stephen Curry have an interesting relationship. There have been rumors that they’re in an open relationship, although it is still uncertain at the moment if that is true.

They have three kids together and seem to be living a quiet and happy life, outside of those rumors.

Ayesha Curry currently has her own cooking blog and YouTube channel. She had her own show on the Food Network that started in 2016 and has also branched out by authoring a cookbook and has launched openings of multiple restaurants.

She grew up in Ontario Canada, before moving to North Carolina as a teenager where she pursued an acting career out of high school. When her acting career took off, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Hollywood. Curry even had a starring role in the famous Hannah Montana series.

8. La La Anthony | Carmelo Anthony’s Ex Wife

La LA Anthony Age: 39
La LA Anthony Height: 5 foot 6″
La LA Anthony Net Worth: $30 Million
La LA Anthony Instagram: @lala

La La Anthony and Carmelo Anthony were one of the more iconic duos in NBA history, but they did split. La La does her own thing as she’s worth upwards of 30 million dollars.

They have one kid named Kiyan, who is 15 years old.

She was from Rochester New York and her parents are of Puerto Rican heritage. Music was always her main focus growing up before she decided to go into different types of industries in the media. La La is a television producer as she was an MTV BJ on total request live in the early 2000s.

At just 15 years old, she began her radio career at Hot 97.5 in Georgia. She has been involved in MTV media for the past few decades and has also gotten heavily involved in other media aspects since the breakup.

7. Amelia Vega | Al Horford’s Wife

Amelia Vega Age: 37
Amelia Vega Height: 6 foot 2″
Amelia Vega Net Worth: $1 Million
Amelia Vega Instagram: @ameliavega

Amelia Vega, former Miss Universe in 2003, and Al Horford have been one of the more prominent relationships in the NBA. Vega is known for being one of the best-looking wives of an NBA player, and has for the past decade.

Not only did she win the Miss Universe in 2003, but Vega has been winning beauty pageants all the way back to when she was in her teenage days.

She has tried to start a music career, and even released a song in 2010. It became one of the top spots on the Latin song charts but she hasn’t released any music anytime recently.

The couple met at the Boston Latin Pride Awards over a decade ago. Horford was on the Atlanta Hawks at the time before playing a few years with the Celtics and then reuniting with Boston this year.

Vega and Horford have been married since 2011 and have five kids together.

6. Kate Bock | Kevin Love’s Partner

Kate Bock Age: 34
Kate Bock Height: 5 foot 11″
Kate Bock Net Worth: $2 Million
Kate Bock Instagram: @katebock

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Bock and Kevin Love have been together for about five years. Bock is known for being one of the best-looking models in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit category.

The couple seems to keep their privacy low-key, but that could change sometime in the near future once they’re together longer.

She began her modeling career at the early age of 12 after somebody suggested she took that career path at a local swimming pool.

Bock then graduated college and moved to Paris where she learned how to speak French fluently. Brock has appeared in multiple magazines and has been on the cover of a few different publications, including the cover of the 2020 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

They recently got engaged in January of 2021, but as previously noted, the couple likes to keep things between them quiet.

5. Anne De Paula | Joel Embiid’s Partner

Anne De Paula  Age: 27
Anne De Paula Height: 5 foot 9″
Anne De Paula Net Worth: $14 Million
Anne De Paula  Instagram: @annedepaula

When the internet found out that Joel Embiid and Anne De Paul were in a relationship, it almost broke all of social media. De Paula is also a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

Similar to Kevin Love and his partner, Embiid and De Paula keep their business low-key. They have one kid together that is only one year old.

Anna now focuses mostly on her social media where she is an influencer and has gained over 235k followers. She was born in Brazil and grew up with a passion for soccer.

They started off with a close friendship as both of them were able to connect about soccer. They both speak French and wanted a family together and they did exactly that a few years later.

4. Daniela Rajic | Paul George’s Partner

Daniela Rajic Age: 31
Daniela Rajic Height: 5 foot 7″
Daniela Rajic Net Worth: $650 Thousand
Daniela Rajic Instagram: @danielarajic

Considering that people already loved to troll Paul George because of some of his horrible meltdowns in the NBA Playoffs, when they found out that he was dating Daniela Rajic, who is reportedly a stripper, they had even more fun trolling him.

The couple currently has two children, and reports say another one could be on the way.

Daniela currently owns a swimsuit line with former Los Angeles Clipper Patrick Patterson’s wife Sarah Nasir.

She was born in New York City, which could be the reason for her having that hustle behavior as a stripper and entrepreneur. There aren’t many details on her early childhood, but she has started to get more fame ever since it was reported that she and Paul George are together.

3. Jordyn Woods | Karl Anthony-Town’s Partner

Jordyn Woods Age: 24
Jordyn Woods Height: 5 foot 9″
Jordyn Woods Net Worth: $6 Million
Jordyn Woods Instagram: @jordynwoods

There can certainly be an argument made that Jordyn Woods is the best-looking NBA girlfriend or wife. Her body is what people know her for, at least on social media.

They don’t have any kids together yet, but they have made their relationship extremely public and number one could be on the way sometime soon.

She is mostly known for being best friends with Kylie Jenner. Being Kylie Jenner’s friend, she had the opportunity to star in some of the ‘Kife of the Kylie’ TV shows back in the day. She has over 10 million followers on her Instagram page and that number is only growing by the day with her stunning looks.

Woods is one of the most sought-after plus-size models in the United States and has multiple YouTube and social media posts about body positivity and self-acceptance.

2. Kendall Jenner | Devin Booker’s Partner

Kendall Jenner Age: 26
Kendall Jenner Height: 5 foot 10″
Kendall Jenner Net Worth: $45 Million
Kendall Jenner Instagram: @kendalljenner

It seems like Kendall Jenner has dated half of the NBA, but it looks like she is settling down now as she and Devin Booker have been together for a few years.

The couple doesn’t have any kids together yet, but if Kendall’s sisters are any indication, they will start popping some out in the near future.

Kendall Jenner has been in the spotlight her entire life, just like the rest of her family. She has been the most low-key of the sisters, but still has appeared in multiple shows and modeling sets. She was the first daughter of Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner.

With her life being as public as it is due to her huge social media following, the world found out pretty quickly that they were together. However, Jenner and Devin Booker actually keep a private type of relationship, as in they aren’t always seen out together and don’t have much drama, unlike the other sisters.

1. Kourtney Kellar | Isaiah Hartenstein’s Girlfriend

Kourtney Kellar Age: 31
Kourtney Kellar Height: 5 foot 4″
Kourtney Kellar Net Worth: $350 Thousand
Kourtney Kellar Instagram: @kourtney_kellar

Although Isaiah Hartenstein isn’t the biggest name in basketball, he certainly has the best-looking wife in the league. Kourtney Kellar isn’t as known as some of the other names on this list, but the current fashion model certainly can blow people away with her stunning looks.

The couple doesn’t have any kids, and it could be quite some time until they do.

She was born in Texas and also modeled for various different magazines and brands throughout her life. She has appeared on multiple covers including the cover page of Maxim and other major magazines.

Her beauty enabled her to work With Guess and Fashion Nova as a clothing model.

From the looks of things, it’s safe to say that these guys are winning on and off the court.