The Countdown to Hockey has started!

Yesterday I headed to the mailbox not expecting anything special but when I pulled out the mail, hidden amongst the junk mail was a large envelope from the Arizona Coyotes. This could only mean one thing…

Hockey is almost here!

rookie camp low res-2
2018 Coyotes Rookie Camp

Summer is long and baseball gets old after a while, so I am grateful that hockey is almost here. If the end of last season is any indication, the Coyotes will be a force to be reckoned with. The Coyotes went 17-9-3 in the last 29 games and really started to gel. Tocchet’s coaching style really started to click with the players.

What will this season bring?

I think the number one thing fans are looking forward to more than wins is the February 24th game when the Coyotes will retire #19. Shane Doan was the Coyotes for so many years it feels right to give him a real send off.

Fans will also see a slightly different team on the ice with the Coyotes trading Max Domi to Montreal. Domi was a fan favorite since his dynamic rookie season. Other than that trade the Coyotes did relatively minor changes to their roster. ESPN has a good summary of transactions here.

Fans hope to see an improved team, with a few more wins. They would love for the Coyotes to make the playoffs. I think getting a winning record and not fighting for last place would be an improvement. The playoffs will come as the Coyotes build the team and adjust to Tocchet’s system.

Games to Watch

  • October 4th – Away opener against Dallas
  • October 6th – Home opener against Anaheim
  • November 21st against Vegas (everyone wants this to be the rivalry)
  • December 6th defending Stanley Cup Champion Capitals return to the desert
  • December 20th Max Domi and Montreal come to the valley
  • February 24th vs Winnipeg for Shane Doan’s retirement
  • April 6th – final home game against Winnipeg

What are you most looking forward to this season?