The Detroit Lions Are 8-2 For The First Time Since 1962

Detroit Lions defensive end Aidan Hutchinson

The Detroit Lions are 8-2 with a commanding two-game lead over the second-place Minnesota Vikings in the NFC North.

If you are wondering the last time that happened, the answer is 1962.

Many Lions fans were not alive 61 years ago.

In 1962, the Lions finished 11-3 overall, in second place in the NFC Western division.

To add even more perspective on this situation, here is what was happening in 1962, the last time the Lions were 8-2.

  1. The price of a dozen eggs was 32 cents.
  2. The price of a gallon of milk was $1.04.
  3. Sam Walton opened the first Wal-Mart store in Bentonville, Arkansas.
  4. Rod Laver won all four tennis Grand Slam tournaments.
  5. Planters dry roasted peanuts were introduced.
  6. The Beverly Hillbillies was the most popular television show.

As these examples illustrate, it has been a while.

How Good Are The Lions?

What are reasonable expectations for the Lions for the remainder of the season?

Four of the final seven games are with division opponents beginning on Thanksgiving against the Green Bay Packers.

Week 14 is a rematch with the Chicago Bears of the Week 11 big come-from-behind win.

Weeks 16 and 18 are both games with the Minnesota Vikings.

Those games could have major implications for the NFC North.

The Lions are a dramatic, exciting, and spirited team led by potential NFL Coach of the Year candidate Dan Campbell.

He has this team believing in itself which is a dangerous proposition for its NFC opponents and the NFL at large.


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