The Impact of Vaping on Your Sports Performance

USA Track & Field Championships - June 24, 2006

As an athlete, you should avoid any bad habits that could deny you an opportunity to maximize your potential. Such could include smoking and unhealthy lifestyle. Many questions have been raised on whether vaping could impact the performance of an athlete negatively, and this is because it is perceived through the same lens with smoking.

One thing you need to understand is that vaping differs from smoking in many ways and is, in fact, an excellent way to lure people out of smoking. Although the points on risks of vaping are debatable, there are few benefits you also need to know about.

Benefits of Vaping

Before you get into vaping, you might want to know what is a dry herb vaporizer. This vaporizer is a device that turns herb leaves to vapor that you inhale, and it could be used in place of cigarettes because it’s safer and cleaner.

Although vaping is still a relatively new phenomenon, few studies have unearthed some of the benefits you could get that will help you to improve your sports performance. The first benefit is that with vaping, using a superior vaporizer, you can easily quit smoking and this is one of the best ways to boost energy and remain healthy. Second, you will realize that many vaping gadgets allow you to control the amount of nicotine you consume.

You can get juices that are free from nicotine and only composed of beneficial compounds that would be ideal for enhancing your experience. If you are addicted to tobacco, you could be exposing yourself to heart problems due to the effect of tar on your body. Switching to vaping could be a solution to help you to clean your body and ultimately revamp your performance in sports.

During the transition, the lungs start repairing themselves immediately after you stop consuming nicotine, and with time some of the tar accumulated will be removed from the body. It will make you feel better, and in several weeks you will notice that your breathing will have improved. To get endurance and excellent performance in sports, you need to ensure your lungs are working perfectly.

Impact of Vaping on Cardio

Your cardio exercise could also be affected by vaping. According to research, when you vape you improve your cardio performance such as the ability to run longer. On strength training, a few reports indicate that as an athlete you can do heavier lifts than you can before you vape. However, you need to be careful to avoid vaping a few hours before a workout because this shortens your breath and could impact your performance on the field.

Overcome Depression and Anxiety

Many experts have discovered that people whom vape have a better way to cope with depression and anxiety. Vaping offers a satisfying experience and will calm the user when they take the flavor they love. For an athlete, working out without distractions is essential to allow you to put all focus on the field. That is why vaping could help you to overcome depression and anxiety, which are conditions that could derail your progress and even make you give up on sporting.

Vape Juices Without Nicotine

The only challenge you could be facing is vaping juices that contain nicotine because such juices will affect your veins. Nicotine will make the veins to constrict, and this will cause the pulse to speed up. Choose e-liquids that don’t contain nicotine if you want to vape and still perform well in sporting activities.

While reviewing vaping products, it’s important to look at the positives you can get that could impact your life. Athletes are among people who can benefit from vaping as they can overcome disturbing thoughts and also avoid smoking, which is known to affect the flow of blood and breathing. If you are looking to enjoy your favorite flavor without inhaling harmful chemicals, then vaping should be on your priority list.

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