The New Orleans Pelican/Kentucky Wildcat Connection

NCAA Men's Championship Game - Kansas v Kentucky

The New Orleans Pelicans recently signed Point Guard Rajon Rondo to a one year deal. The word on the street is Pelican’s Center DeMarcus Cousins influenced Rondo to come aboard with AD & Pells for hopefully a deep playoff run.

Rondo & Boogie Cousins played together for the Sacramento Kings back in the 2015-16 season when Rondo averaged 11.9 points 11.7 assist & 2 steals a game. The two forged a friendship while being teammates that lead Cousins to make this comment to Yahoo Sports:

“The way we compete and the type of competitors we are, it’s hard for us not to get along,” Cousins said of Rondo. “We damn near think alike all the time. I’m soaking in all I can. He’s a champion. I basically look up to him.” Those are big words from Boogie Cousins the best big-man in the NBA & Rondo obvious feels the same way.

The Pelicans have unbeknownst or knowing depending how you look at its assembled a team full of hungry Kentucky Wildcats.

We are all aware of All-Star Forward Anthony Davis & his amazing abilities who is the best at his position in the league. The arrival of Boogie Cousins via trade brought the best center in the NBA to the Pells at mid-season who is also a wildcat.

The signing of Rajon Rondo who is a proud wildcat makes three.

The fourth is an under the radar signing of forward Darius Miller who is a 2nd round pick of New Orleans back in 2012. Miller has been playing overseas in Germany using that Wildcat talent to win a title & MVP award.

The Pelicans have developed a pipeline of sorts from New Orleans to Lexington. The Brow & Darius Miller were teammates on that 2012 Wildcat Championship team a little known fact.

The Pelicans also can throw in a few Duke Blue Devils for seasoning guard’s Quinn Cook & Frank Jackson & all we can hope for is that some of those college winning ways rub off on the Pelicans in 2017-2018.

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