Tom Brady throws first TD pass following suspension (VIDEO)

New England Patriots v Cleveland Browns

The New England Patriots were truly out for blood in Sunday’s game against the Browns, which came as a surprise to no one.

With Tom Brady returning in his first game since returning for suspension, things didn’t look good for Browns fans. Brady had probably watched more Browns tape than, well, anything else. And it showed in the game.

The Patriots marched right down the field on their opening drive to take a 7-0 lead, and the Browns answered with a TD drive on their own. No problem, as Brady answered by doing the deed again, this time capping it off with a touchdown pass to Martellus Bennett, from seven yards out.

Bennett literally walked the ball into the end zone.


#AngryBrady is in fulll effect today, as the Patriots took a 23-7 lead into the half.

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