Top 5 Most Ridiculous NFL Fines in 2023: A Look at the NFL’s Most Questionable & Absurd Fines

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The NFL, often dubbed the ‘No Fun League,’ seems to have taken its penchant for the boring to another level this season. The NFL has been dishing out fines for some of the wildest and most absurd reasons imaginable. Some ex-players, like JJ Watt have called out the league, saying at this point they’re ‘stealing money from players.’ Here, we have compiled a list of the most ridiculous fines issued by the NFL so far in 2023.

Let’s not beat about the bush here – some of the fines doled out by the NFL this year have been absolutely wild. Players are seemingly getting fined for making standard plays, and doing their job. However, the NFL doesn’t seem to like that, so let’s dive into our list of the craziest NFL fines in 2023 so far.

5. Josh Allen (QB, Buffalo Bills) – $10,927 Fine for Pointing at a Defender

On his way to scoring a rushing touchdown, Bills QB Josh Allen points at a Bengals defender. Wow, the guy pointed at a defender! Can you believe it!?!? Absolutely shocking scenes, and it should be no surprise that the Buffalo signal-caller was issued a letter by the NFL to pay an $11k fine after such a despicable act.

4. Patrick Ricard (FB, Baltimore Ravens) – $21,694 Fine for “Unnecessary Roughness”

Full backs are big, burly tough guys by nature and Patrick Ricard is no different. But the NFL thinks he should learn to to be a bit less rough and tough.

Watch the clip below as #42 literally does his job and blocks for his running back, driving the defender backwards. Another play deemed disgusting by the NFL office and a fine of over $21,000 issued for an absolutely standard football play.

3. D’Andre Swift (RB, Philadelphia Eagles) – $9,857 Fine for “Unnecessary Roughness”

This fine is lucky it’s only at number three, but it’s there because it is a relatively low fine compared to others on this list.

Watch below as D’Andre Swift hits the truck stick and like a good running back causes the defender to bounce off.

An excellent running play, right? Not according to the NFL who dinged Swift with an almost $10k fine for yet another standard play.

2. Jaylen Warren (RB, Pittsburgh Steelers) – Fined $48,556 for Lowering His Helmet

You’ll often hear coaches say young running backs are not getting in the game much because they are simply not good enough in pass protection.

Jaylen Warren appears to heed the advice of his head coach, and sticks a helmet on a pass rusher. But the NFL doesn’t like that.

Despite there not looking like there’s anything at all wrong with this play, Warren was fined a whopping $50k for it. Makes perfect sense.

1. Josh Jacobs (RB, Las Vegas Raiders) – Fined $21,855 for “Unnecessary Roughness”

At number one on our list is Josh Jacobs’ fine for doing his job as a running back.

Jacobs lowers his shoulders in order to drive back the defender to try and get a first down for his team.

Nope, not allowed. NFL says “no.” That’s a $22k fine for you, Mr. Jacobs.

Please do not brace for contact or try to make yards after being hit.

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