Top 5 Potential Cover Athletes for EA Sports “College Football 25”

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With the announcement that EA Sports “College Football 25” will be released this summer, the cover athlete becomes a topic of great interest and speculation. From a standout two-way player making waves in Colorado to a promising quarterback under Alabama’s new coach Kalen DeBoer, these athletes represent the diverse and dynamic nature of college football today. Their journeys, performances, and potential NFL prospects make them prime candidates for this coveted cover spot. Let’s take a look at who could grace the cover of the “College Football 25.”

Let’s dive in and explore the standout athletes who could grace the cover of EA Sports College Football 25, showcasing their unique talents and stories that make them ideal candidates. Keep reading to see who might be the face of this year’s game!

5. Travis Hunter (Colorado)

Top 5 Potential Cover Athletes for EA Sports

Travis Hunter’s choice to join Colorado, alongside Shedeur Sanders, has been a significant story in college football. His exceptional abilities as a two-way player and his contribution to a team that captured the nation’s imagination make him a unique and appealing choice.

Hunter’s commitment and performance can serve as an inspiration to a new generation of players and fans, making him a fitting choice for the game’s cover.

4. Dillon Gabriel (Oregon)

Top 5 Potential Cover Athletes for EA Sports

Another option from the West Coast is Oregon’s Dillon Gabriel, who transferred from Oklahoma for his sixth year. Gabriel’s role in Oregon’s offense brings an intriguing element to his candidacy for the cover.

His leadership qualities and ability to make a significant impact as a dual-threat quarterback could set Gabriel up for a big year. Oregon’s prominence in college football and Gabriel’s central role in it add to his appeal as a potential cover athlete. As if to emphasize that point, Gabriel is  currently the fourth-favorite to win the Heisman Trophy with odds of +1100.

3. Quinn Ewers (Texas)

Top 5 Potential Cover Athletes for EA Sports

Quinn Ewers, the Texas QB brings a mix of talent and star power, ideal for the EA Sports College Football cover. As part of a high-profile program, Ewers’ performance on the field and his potential for future success in football make him a standout representative.

His journey at Texas, beating out 5-star recruit Arch Manning for the starting job, combined with the program’s reputation, presents a compelling narrative for the game. This is especially true when you consider that Ewers is second-favorite for the Heisman Trophy with odds of +850. Unfortunately for fans of the mullet, if Ewers does make the cover, his new clean cut look will be the one presented.

2. Shedeur Sanders (Colorado)

Top 5 Potential Cover Athletes for EA Sports

Shedeur Sanders has become a key figure in rejuvenating the Colorado Buffaloes, a feat achieved under the mentorship of his father Deion Sanders. His dynamic style of play and role in Colorado’s turnaround story make him an inspiring and relatable figure.

Sanders’ charismatic personality is a quality that resonates well with the ethos of college football, making him an ideal face for the game.

1. Jalen Milroe (Alabama)

Top 5 Potential Cover Athletes for EA Sports

Jalen Milroe of Alabama is the number-one candidate for the cover of EA Sports “College Football 25.” Representing one of college football’s most storied programs, Milroe embodies excellence and a winning culture.

With Alabama’s recent coaching transition to Kalen DeBoer, Milroe’s ability to adapt and lead is under the spotlight. His impressive skill set and the program’s high visibility make him an attractive choice for the game’s cover, symbolizing both tradition and a new era in college football.

Milroe is another one of the candidates among the Heisman Trophy favorites, with odds of +900.

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