US-Canada NBA studded teams to face off in Sydney

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Sacramento Kings

NBA games might be the best ones to watch if you love the game, anywhere in the world, but that does not mean that the rest of associations and federations should not be getting enough attention as well. After all, some of the biggest competitions in the world are played by international teams, with NBA stars participating in them as well, and they present some of ht most interesting games. This time around, we want to showcase the upcoming games between the US and Canada that will be held in Sydney, as preparation for the upcoming FIBA championship. FIBA is the International Basketball Federation and the championship is going to be held in China this year. But before that happens, a whole lot of games are going to be held in Australia. One of the most interesting ones will be between USA and Canada, which both have access to some of the top tier players in the NBA. Knowing how much these guys love to party, we can be sure that they will enjoy their time in Australia, whether it is because they will go to hang out with the Kangaroos or party at some of the many Australian VIP casino venues. Although, for the sake of us, they should probably hold off on the partying until the games are over so that we can get a game that we can actually enjoy watching. The US will have access to players like Kevin Durant, James Harden, Kyrie Irving while Canada will enjoy the chance of having Jamal Murray, Tristan Thompson and Cory Joseph playing on their teams. These would make some very interesting lineups and for interesting team compositions, and could result in one of the most interesting games of the year.

The teams that could be

The US side of the game seems to be more privileged, with some of the best players in the current playoffs being accessible to them for the games. And while there have been doubts coming from many critics whether these guys could be performing well together, we do not have much of a problem in believing. While the free agent’s problem of the playoffs is a thing, here, this is not a problem. The players could be fully committed to the game and, as a result, produce some of the most amazing playings for viewing that we can get to see, ever. These guys have had a lot of history together and against each other, but in a team where they work together towards something special, an international championship, it might be interesting to see them operate at a high capacity.

On the Canada side, we have three of the more interesting players in Canada. These guys are a bit of a mix of the old and the new, with all three of them displaying great skill throughout their years. All three have incredible careers either behind or still ahead of them and all thee have proven themselves to be an incredible asset to their teams. But how will they stand up to the all-star team of the US side? Well, the predictions might be a little on the bleak side for Canadians, but you never know when an upset might happen.

It is not hard to sit here and predict that the US team will end up winning. If all three of the potential players listed above make it to the game, they will have the advantage of being some of the best players in the NBA within one team. But the Canadians don’t have much to prove, they are already known to be great players. And if some of the doubts around the ability to cooperate between the US players come true, then it might be possible for the Canadians to exploit that and build on it, winning themselves a nice game in the end. Some might consider it a gamble, but it is a friendly match and one that should definitely be enjoyed.

FIBA 2019

Even some of the more hardcore basketball fans might not be aware of FIBA, especially since most of the US concentrates on the NCAA and the NBA games. Despite this, FIBA is possibly one of the most important competitions in the world that will be taking place in the basketball world. It is going to be pitting the best international teams against each other. International basketball has not been seeing too much love from the viewers and the players, which is a shame since it is a great thing to watch. The competing teams are representing their countries and always do their best to perform to the best of their ability. It lets the best players in the world show how the rest of the world measures up to them. It also allows players to see whether there are some new ways of playing the game going on internationally, that are not currently being used in the NBA. Overall, it could be a good way to contextualize the NBA within the world and see how the world of basketball is looking onto the NBA.

The campaign for the popularization of FIBA is in full swing right now. Major companies are doing their best to promote competition. Some are doing so by running ads, while others are releasing FIBA related merch. The new Air Jordan FIBA 12 for example celebrates the country where the games are going to be held: China.

The USA has been a dominant force in international competition for many years now. And most of the international players are loving the chance to play against some of the best US players. New Zealand and Australia will be getting to put their best players against the US and see, how they measure up. Maybe some of the best games for viewership will not even be the Canada US games. In the end, the championship has yet to happen. The championship will be commencing on August 31st and will last until 15th of September, 2019. It should make for some interesting viewership.

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