Weekly Locks, Week:1

Michael Sam

It is 2016 and it is time we start our new weekly segment called locks of the week. All four of us will pick one game per week, it can be any sport and any team, if the team wins you are correct if they lose you are wrong. We will keep track of the standing through the year and a winner will be crowned the first week of 2017!

Here are the Week 1 Locks:

Tyler Arnesen: (NCAA Mens Basketball) The University of Connecticut will beat Temple on 1/5/15.

Austin Brucks: (NBA Basketball) The Boston Celtics will beat the Detroit Pistons on 1/6/15.

Conor Canfield: (NBA Basketball) The Philadelphia 76ers will beat the Toronto Raptors on 1/9/15

Tyler Gouveia: (NBA Basketball) The Golden State Warriors will beat the Los Angeles Lakers on 1/5/16

Current Standings:

1.Tyler Arnesen 0-0-0

1.Austin Brucks 0-0-0

1.Conor Canfield 0-0-0

1.Tyler Gouveia 0-0-0

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