What Causes Serious North Carolina Car Accidents

What causes serious car accidents? And are serious accidents excluded to specific elements or factors? Even with all of the statistics at your disposal, nobody can deny the fact that dangerous accidents do not have an exclusive source.

Of course, some sources are more common than others, but there are several things that can ultimately cause a lot of damage when driving in a car.  Personal Injury Attorney in Asheville NC Lakota R. Denton talks about the different things that can cause a motor vehicle accident.

The Weather/Conditions 

The most obvious place to start this list would be the weather conditions. Heavy rains, storms, mist, animals or people running onto the road out of nowhere, these are all situations that can lead to a potential accident. More specifically, it can lead to a serious incident where lives can be lost, if not permanently changed.

 It is recommended to stay off the road when the weather or surrounding conditions pose an obvious threat.

Drivers That Don’t Pay Attention 

In many cases when you think about what causes serious car accidents, ignorant drivers jump to mind. Individuals who don’t respect the rules of the road can ultimately become the reason why an accident occurs in the first place.

 This is why you should take the extra precaution. Even though you are sticking to the rules, be aware of drivers that aren’t.

Vehicles That Shouldn’t Be On The Road

As you are reading this, there are several cars driving at high speed, and several of them are not in any condition to do so. Without regular services to make sure the car is in a good condition, you are more vulnerable to causing an accident, especially when conditions are not optimal for driving.

Distractions And Speeding 

The driver isn’t the only culprit when it comes to serious car accident causes. The individuals with the driver can make it very difficult to concentrate, like kids fighting in the back seat. At the same time, people get comfortable with their cars and tend to speed when in a hurry. Combined with distractions in the car, it is a mixture for a serious accident.

Act Of Nature

Of course, sometimes acts of natures and fate have a way of causing a car accident. For example, having a heart attack while you drive is not something you see coming. And the result of what happens can only be blamed on pure misfortune.

 The truth is that some accidents can be prevented, while others simply cannot be controlled, or predicted.

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