Who makes the Masters Green Jacket for Augusta National?

Who makes the Masters Green Jacket for Augusta National?

There’s no bigger symbol for the Masters than the Green Jackets at Augusta National. The iconic jackets have a long history and have been worn by some of the best golfers ever to play the game.

Every year in April, past champions are allowed to wear their jackets again. Only the current champion is allowed to take the jackets off the grounds of Augusta National during their year reign.

There are so many specific traditions that have been carried on for the Green Jackets, which are fabricated by Brooks Uniform Company in New York. Now, the Green Jackets have become such a unique symbol among golfers, fans, and in the sports world.

Where are the Green Jackets Made?

The first Green Jacket ever made was designed by Brooks Uniform Company in 1937. The Green Jackets were originally used during the Masters to help patrons find assistance easier. But in 1949 after Sam Snead won the Masters, he was presented with a Green Jacket and an honorary membership to Augusta, birthing the tradition.

Since 1967, the Green Jackets have been exclusively made by Hamilton Tailoring Company of Cincinnati. For the past 56 years, the company has remained the exclusive maker of the highly coveted Green Jacket.

However, if you’re looking to get your hands on a piece of golf history, you won’t be in luck.

The company doesn’t accept orders from the general public.

How Has The Green Jackets Evolved Over Time?

Like everything about the Masters, everything done is rooted in tradition. The jackets are in the color known as “Masters Green”, which is a rye green known as “Pantone 342”.

It has a classic American design featuring three buttons, single-breasted and single-vent.

Thanks to A&B Emblem Co in Weaverville, North Carolina, every Green Jacket has the Augusta National Golf Club logo on the left chest pocket. The three brass buttons also feature the logo, which are made by Waterbury Co. of Connecticut.

Made out of tropical-weight wool that comes from Forstmann Co. mill in Dublin, Georgia, it takes roughly 2.5 yards per jacket. With all the materials, the Green Jacket takes an estimated week to complete from start to finish. The last touch includes the owner’s name stitched inside the label of the jacket.

Interestingly enough, multiple Masters winners receive only one jacket. The iconic symbol is rich in history and the Green Jackets represent one of golf’s greatest achievements.

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