Women’s World Cup 2023 Sets Attendance & Ticket Sales Record

Women’s World Cup 2023 Sets Attendance & Ticket Sales Record

In an exciting finish, the Women’s World Cup ended with Spain beating England in the final 1-0. It was a very successful tournament in Australia and New Zealand, as the 2023 tournament set an all-time attendance record.

Before the tournament, there were already over 1 million tickets sold, leading FIFA to expect the total attendance record to be broken. However, the 2023 Women’s World Cup turned out to be even more popular than FIFA could have imagined.

The mark of 1.5 million figure was broken by the Round of 16 and attendance only grew in the final rounds.

Women’s World Cup Attendance Record

The Women’s World Cup attendance record was broken in Australia. Thanks to the expanded format with 32 teams playing 64 games, attendance reached an all-time high.

After the first two matches in the Round of 16, the Women’s World Cup set a new record for the biggest attendance in tournament history at 1.98 million fans. The previous best attendance in history was held in 2015 in Canada with a total of 1.35 million. However, there were only 52 matches at the time.

Not all games were a huge hit though.

To respond to the low demand for some games, organizers in New Zealand gave away as many as 20,000 tickets.

Highest Attendance Record at 2023 Women’s World Cup

The largest crowds were at Stadium Australia in Sydney, which reached 92 percent capacity in four separate games. The most attended games included Australia’s win over the Republic of Ireland and the final between Spain and England.

For the final, crowd attendance reached a total of 75,784, which is another record home audience for women’s soccer games in Australia and the third largest in Women’s World Cup history.

There were also 42,317 fans that came to watch New Zealand’s opener which is the biggest crowd in the country’s history for both men’s and women’s soccer.

Check out the list below for the highest-attending games at the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

  • Australia vs Republic of Ireland — 75,784 (91.8% Capacity)
  • Australia vs Denmark — 75,784 (91.3% Capacity)
  • England vs Colombia — 75,784 (91.3% Capacity)
  • Australia vs. England — 75,784 (91.3% Capacity)
  • Spain vs England — 75,784 (91.3% Capacity)

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