Yankees rookie prospect Jasson Dominguez out long term with Tommy John Surgery

Jasson Dominguez

Yankees rookie prospect Jasson Dominguez of Esperanza, Dominican Republic has not been at the Major League level for very long. In fact the 20-year-old outfielder has only played eight games. However, on Wednesday it was reported that Dominguez had Tommy John Surgery and would be out an estimated nine to 10 months with the ailment. Now, it should be noted that it generally takes position players less time to heal than pitchers, but the Yankees are not expected to get Dominguez back until the early summer of next season.

When did the discomfort occur?

Dominguez first experienced pain in his arm on September 3 according to ESPN. It was Dominguez’s third Major League Baseball game and came in a 6-1 Yankees win over the Houston Astros. Dominguez reportedly does not recall a specific time during the game he had discomfort, but it should be noted that he did hit a home run in the contest. Dominguez did play five additional games with pain in his elbow. He played three games against the Detroit Tigers, and two games against the Milwaukee Brewers, with his last game coming on September 9.

2023 MLB Statistics

Dominguez batted .258 in eight games this season with the Yankees and had four home runs and seven runs batted in. He also scored six runs, and had eight hits, one double, one stolen base, two walks, and 21 total bases. Dominguez also had a .303 on base percentage, and .667 slugging percentage.

Only Major League Double

Dominguez had his only Major League double so far on September 5. It came in a 5-1 Yankees win over the Detroit Tigers.

Positional Players to have Tommy John Surgery

You may think it is uncommon for positional players to have Tommy John Surgery, but in fact Dominguez is the 51st non-pitcher in Major League Baseball history to have the procedure done. Other players to have Tommy John Surgery include Bryce Harper, Jose Cansenco, Paul Molitor, Corey Seager and Matt Holliday.

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