Zach LaVine joins Wiggins, releases workout video with Pure Sweat Basketball


With just one day to go until the Minnesota Timberwolves’ 2016-17 season opener, Pure Sweat Basketball has done its best to pump up as many Wolves fans as possible.

Just one week after releasing a video of Andrew Wiggins working out with Drew Hanlen, Whistle Sports and Pure Sweat Basketball team dup to release a video of a Zach LaVine workout.

LaVine, like his teammate Wiggins, began working with Hanlen prior to his rookie campaign and, much like Wiggins, LaVine has taken some major steps forward in his two NBA seasons.

“This summer I have been working on the technicalities,” LaVine said in the video. “I’ve been working on my footwork, keeping square and positioning at different angles of the basket with the shot and finishing.

“They are the things people a lot of the time don’t get to see until you break down the game. This is something we’re trying to do, not just something we do off a reaction.”

LaVine garnered national attention with his highlight-reel dunks both during games and in the NBA All-Star Week Slam Dunk Contest during his first two seasons, but he has shown the potential to do much more for the Wolves.

“I’m in the gym working hard developing every skill set in my game,” LaVine said in the video. “People are going to know soon that I’m not just an athletic player, but an overall good, hopefully soon a great, basketball player.

“People see all the highlights and the dunks, but that doesn’t describe a person’s game. I’m out here putting in hours and hours of work. I think people have seen some glimpses of me not just being a dunker, but as a rising star.”

LaVine, after beginning his Wolves career as a backup point guard, has grown into the role of the team’s starting shooting guard. LaVine’s point-per-game average jumped from 10.1 his rookie season to 14 last year. LaVine’s shooting percentage jumped from 42.2 percent to 45.2 percent during his sophomore campaign. LaVine also improved his three-point shooting percentage from 34.1 percent in 2014-15 to 38.9 percent last season.

With a full offseason of training with Hanlen, LaVine is hoping to continue his progression and to continue to work toward becoming an All-Star.

What do you think of LaVine’s workout? How many points per game will he score this season? Tune into our podcast, The Howl, as we discuss what we think LaVine will accomplish this season.

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