What You Read On Cards Diaspora In 2017

We made it another year with this silly little site. I’ll let you in on a little secret… all these…

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I Don’t Know Much About Baseball, It Seems

The bar for having a blog is low. Very low. If you’ve got an internet connection, a couple bucks for…

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If You Go By The Numbers, The Cardinals Playoff Chances Are Grim

It might not have had the dramatic finality that movies are made of, but last Sunday’s milquetoast 3-2 loss against…

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Mike Matheny Gives Us The Perfect Sentence To Sum Up 2017

Here’s Cardinals manager Mike Matheny, as quoted from the Post-Dispatch: “The guys worked hard to get us back into that…

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The Cardinals Real Win Last Week? Securing Meaningful September Games.

The week ended with a Mike Wacha dud on Sunday afternoon. But the other 6 days? They transformed the 2017…

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That Awkward Moment When The Season’s Over But You Keep Telling Yourself Maybe It’s Not

We have a really great intern at the office this summer. She is so efficient and hardworking that you almost…

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This Is The Hangover From a 15-Year Party

This past weekend I was at a bachelor party in Denver. It was fun, thank you for asking. Several members…

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Proceed With Caution: Cardinals ’17 Season Could Be Slipping Away

With the Cardinals 7-3 loss Thursday night to the LA Dodgers, the team has now lost 3 consecutive series and…

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