Game 4: Bruins sloppy, Flyers remember they're in playoffs

Game 4: Bruins sloppy, Flyers remember they're in playoffs


Game 4: Bruins sloppy, Flyers remember they're in playoffs

No use ignoring it. The Bruins were sloppy last night. Tuukka wasn’t as his best, letting in five goals on 34 shots. Defensively the Bruins were as loose as our ex-girlfriends. It wasn’t pretty.

Bruins put brooms away; will need ’em still to clean up after the Filth in Game 5.

And they still almost won. Old Man Recchi did his best to eliminate the Flyers by scoring two goals, including tying the game up with only seconds left in the game. We thought the Bs had it after that. We were teased.

This guy owns you with his six goals.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Flyers called upon the fragile Simon Gagne to save the day for the Filth. And he did. Just barely sneaked a shot underneath Tuukka’s arm. We don’t blame Tuuks for this goal. Watch the replay. There’s not a Bruins soul in sight of Gagne.

Gagne made a gutsy return to the lineup… Yahoo! Sports

Gagne’s goal is the equivalent to Savard’s game winner in Game One to Flyers fans. Only difference is Savard couldn’t move his left pinky without throwing up everywhere a few weeks ago. I wouldn’t call coming back from a busted toe gutsy, but that’s just me. Gutsy is Old Man Recchi last year, playing with cracked ribs and ripping out an IV before Game 7 despite trying to pass a kidney stone the size of a baby through his dick. Gutsy is playing a full seven game series with busted ribs and a punctured lung. That’s gutsy. Not a busted foot appendage. But it’s ok. Everyone knew this wouldn’t be an easy series. Sweeping a team in Round 2 isn’t easy. It’s nigh impossible. Pronger — that guy who thought the series started in Game 3 — had two points last night. Carle had four. Wideman had two. Bergy had two. Recchi had two. Stuart, rusty from missing a few weeks, was a -2 and wasn’t pleased of his performance. This doesn’t bode well for the Flyers in Game 5. Stuart’s pissed. The silver lining here is that the Bs are still up 3-1 in the series and almost won even though they weren’t playing their best defensively.  They’ll tighten that shit up good over the weekend and get their heads into it for Monday. Bruins were also down two goals and tied it up. Then forced OT with seconds left. Not bad for a team playing off their game against a team with their backs to the wall. Bruins showed a lot of persistence in Game 4. We like that. More silver lining: Bruins are coming back to Boston for Game 5, which also happens to be the anniversary of The Goal and the unveiling of Orr’s statue. Seems fitting.

Game 5 Bulletin Board Material

Good job, Doucher. You just made Tuuk Nukem angry. Guess no one told Doucher the Flyers are still down 3-1. Who will be Game 5’s hero? Suck it Filthy. Go Bruins.

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