Double iPhone 4 Across The Sky, Man

Double iPhone 4 Across The Sky, Man


Double iPhone 4 Across The Sky, Man

Just when you think things couldn’t get any more dork for yours truly, work yesterday decided to give me a work phone. It’s an iPhone 4, which is pretty awesome. Only now, instead of just having one iPhone 4 on me at all times and looking hipster chic, I now have 2.

I don’t care what you say- it’s not cool to have two phones.

So i’ve decided that I’m just going to throw caution to the wind and get 2 belt clips. One on each hip. And be done with it.

Perhaps people see me from the profile and think I’m just a normal guy with a normal belted phone. Maybe they see my dueling iPhone 4’s and get intimidated by me even looking in their general direction. Just could be the next ice/fall on my face in the morning costs me 1000 bucks in replacement phones.

Who knows. Who cares. It’s two clips and call it a day. Daddy’s got to earn and if he starts a trend while he does it… then sobeit.

In other news, since when were we all OK with Miami of OH and Middle Tennessee State playing a game on January 6th? 5 days after the Rose Bowl? We’re going to follow up a pretty good Sugar Bowl with the bowl? I mean if these guys want to go to their bowl on December 12th when my bowl confidence picks are still respectable, then go for it men. But January 6th? Just how far is the BCS going to push back the championship game?

Speaking of gambling… the NFL Pick ‘Em league has finished for 2010 and we have a winner. 50 dollars of COLD. HARD. CASH.

And after all that macho talk from @DBear he let a girl beat him.


I kid, I kid. In fact, most of the women that I know that follow the NFL actually are much more sophisticated about their fandom than the men. Until they start talking about how in love they are with Mike Vick. That gets old. I mean, I get it. Dude’s attractive. Dude’s got money… but it’s like you forget about what he did to those poor dogs.

Now, on to the links…

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Ok. That’s it for a long, long week. Have a big weekend. And if you go out remember that these are the true warriors of the weekend. Not the ones that just hopped on a bandwagon for Jan 1. They get rotten every weekend. And don’t need a calendar to tell them different. Let’s salute them.

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