Your Morning Dump... Where E'Twaun Moore might go to Europe

Your Morning Dump... Where E'Twaun Moore might go to Europe

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Your Morning Dump... Where E'Twaun Moore might go to Europe

Etwaun moore Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

While some of the league's marquee players are pondering whether to pursue chances to play overseas during the NBA lockout, Celtics second-round pick E'Twaun Moore (right, holding up #55) could also be seeking opportunities overseas.

His agent, Mark Bartelstein, said that he is talking to "a lot of teams" in hopes of landing Moore a deal this summer. Moore, the 55th overall draft pick out of Purdue, has a chance to make the Celtics' roster when the lockout ends, but there appears to be little hope that the work stoppage won't pour into training camp.

Globe: Celtics' Moore looking at overseas opportunities

If Moore bolts, he'd be the second young potential Celtic to leave because of the lockout.  Pitt's Gilbert Brown already signed with a German team,  If Moore can swing a deal like Brown to leave whatever team he signs with once the lockout ends, then this is no big deal.  It might not even really be a big deal if he can't because I have a hard time thinking Moore would do much this year anyway.

But it's always good to get the reps in practice and get a jump on learning the system.  If Moore is going to have a chance to stick with the C's and contribute at any point, be it this year or next, he'll want to be around a few Hall of Famers and learn from Doc Rivers.  And besides, one horribly under-reported aspect of players going overseas is how many teams don't actually pay what they say they will.  That's an element of Lance Allred's new book that a lot of these players will soon find out.

Take Brown, for example.  I'll bet he comes back from Germany being owed thousands of dollars.  Once he's back, he'll never see it because it becomes more expensive for him to fight for that money.. and those teams know that.  They can tie things up in courts for years… and its just not worth it for these players to lay out the kind of cash necessary to get the rest of their salaries. 

You can ask any player that has played overseas at any level.  Most of them will tell you they're owed money.  No one's really talking about that right now as players look at Europe as a lockout option.  We'll see if it becomes a story down the road.

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