Your Morning Dump... Where its C's-Knicks on Christmas (we hope)

Your Morning Dump... Where its C's-Knicks on Christmas (we hope)

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Your Morning Dump... Where its C's-Knicks on Christmas (we hope)


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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

We’ve already told you that the main event on Christmas day will be a Finals rematch between the Mavericks and the Heat. Now comes word of another of the holiday’s scheduled games, via Barbara Barker ofNewsday (on Twitter):

Knicks to host the Celtics on Xmas day, league source tells me. Provided, of course, there is a season.

If all of these reports are true (and really, we have no reason to believe otherwise), then that leaves the Lakers, who traditionally play (and often get crushed) on Christmas day, without an obvious opponent considering the Heat and the Celtics are already matched up elsewhere.

ProBasketballTalk: Report: Knicks will host Celtics on opening day

The schedule will officially be released at 2pm today, but as usual, there are some details leaking.  And they all, as with everything this summer, come with the caveat "if there is a season… and if it starts on time."  

Since free agency and trades are on hold, the league can't figure out where players will end up… so they can't showcase stars on their new teams in these marquee games.  So they're going with what they know.  And they know Celtics-Knicks will be a ratings bonanza on Christmas.  It'll probably be the appetizer before the Mavs-Heat rematch later in the day.  

We'll get a closer look at what the schedule will be, and what the "short season" options will be beyond that, when the schedule is released this afternoon.  I hesitate to get excited about any of this because I know it can all get wiped out if these rich idiots don't stop fighting.  

On Page 2:  Avery Bradley looks overseas for work

Avery Bradley's agent said Monday that he is exploring overseas options for his client but stressed that any deal would be contingent on an out clause that would allow Bradley to return stateside should the NBA lockout end, as his focus is on being with the Boston Celtics.

The Celtics only have six players under contract for next season and, beyond Bradley, the other five are All-Stars who have combined to earn a whopping $749.5 million in NBA contracts alone during their careers. The 20-year-old Bradley earned $1.4 million during his rookie campaign last season.

Trekking overseas would have little to do with money for Bradley, however. As agent Mitchell Butler of Lagardère Unlimited stressed, his client simply needs playing time in a structured environment in order to aid his development.

ESPN Boston:  Avery Bradley looks overseas 

Avery stands to get some time this coming season if he can improve a few things.  If he can find a team that will let him bolt the second the lockout ends, then great for him.  He can work on getting his jumper off and getting better at running the point.  

I'm just like a lot of Celtics fans when I look at a guy like Bradley and dismiss the experts who say Boston whiffed by picking him.  I think he can be a solid player.  But he's our guy, and of course I'm going to say that.  Predicting these fringe guys is tough when they wear your favorite laundry.  If Bradley was a Knick… I might not be so kind.  

But I like the kid.  And no matter what, he puts his head down and works his ass off.  That much I can respect in anyone.  So I want a young kid with the right attitude to succeed if he can.  If a quick jaunt to Europe or China can help that… then I'm all for it.

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