Larry Brown wants to join the Celtics staff

Larry Brown wants to join the Celtics staff

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Larry Brown wants to join the Celtics staff

Larry brown Well… this is a surprise.

Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown has an interest in joining Doc Rivers’ Boston Celtics staff as an assistant coach, assuming Lawrence Frank accepts the Detroit Pistons’ head coaching job, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Frank and the Pistons are discussing terms of a deal over the weekend, league sources said, but there is still no agreement in place. However, the Pistons and Frank are both anxious to forge a partnership.

Despite Brown’s credentials and good relationship with Rivers, the Celtics coach is inclined to promote a well-regarded young assistant on his staff – Mike Longabardi – sources said. Nevertheless, Rivers hasn’t ruled out the idea of further discussing a spot for Brown on his bench next season.

Larry Brown? As an assistant?  

Well, he's a 70 year old guy who knows how to do one thing, really… coach ball.  He's basically been knocking on every team's door asking if they've got an opening.  He was never really considered for any of the million head coaching openings this summer, so now he wants to cure his boredom by becoming an assistant. 

I'm not sure if this is the right move, though.  The C's already have one head coach.  They don't need a guy sitting next to Doc being another one.  I'm sure they get along just fine, but I just don't believe Brown would kick back, play nice, and just simply let Doc run the team.  I get a feeling there might be a little power struggle brewing if Brown were to join the staff. 

It's too bad Larry Brown can't just simply enjoy retirement.  I know some people live and breathe hoops to a point where they'll probably die on a court someday… but c'mon… go fishing or something.  Build those little sailboats in a bottle.  Learn origami.  Something.  

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