What the hell happened to Perk?

What the hell happened to Perk?

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What the hell happened to Perk?


The story surrounding Kendrick Perkins arrest continues to evolve. KFDM in Texas is no longer reporting that Stephen Jackson was arrested.

KIID TV reports Perk was treated briefly for dehydration and being overheated on Thursday night. KFDM says a 27-year old was taken by ambulance from Jackson's home on that night.

But the real trouble started early Saturday morning. Twenty-four hours after being dehydrated, Perk was arrested for public intoxication. It doesn't appear that Perk took the advice of doctors and rested.

TMZ is also reporting the arrest.

Perk was a model citizen during his time in Boston. I don't recall any incidents of this nature.

While Jackson was not arrested, the guy has a knack for finding trouble. Draw your own conclusions.

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