Your Morning Dump... Too much speculation for my liking

Your Morning Dump... Too much speculation for my liking

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Your Morning Dump... Too much speculation for my liking


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

We are literally sitting around twirling our thumbs around.  The lockout is killing our spirits and driving us mad.  The news is non existent and the little news that does come is almost irrelevant because I will not watch Ty Lawson play with Zalgiris Kaunas (who) or Deron Williams not show up in Turkey.   

I want the NBA and I want the Celtics.  I would be more satisfied with no season then seeing Kevin Garnett don a Dragons jersey with Marbury, or Ray Allen playing in France and Jermaine O'Neal getting hurt at home.  Losing a season would be devastating to the fans and the players but at least Ray Allen sees the Celtics big three coming back:

“I don’t think so,” said Allen. “They’re not going to send us away because possibly we miss a season. We’re not going to say we’re done and we’re not going to play any more. I still have a lot left in me and I’m sure that Kevin (Garnett) feels the same. At this stage of the game I’m sure he’s rejuvenated and he’ll be ready to go.” 

“Hard to say what (the lockout) does,” said Allen. “When you stop so abruptly – it wouldn’t be anything I would accept. As far as being ready to play another season, I would just be ready. Especially if you get a whole year off. It’s not as if you go into the next year and say I’m done. I’m not going to play anymore. We’re competitors. When you lose a season like that, you come back and you’re ready to get after it. It will fuel our fire, and enable us to go after it a little more next year."

This is good news for fans because I probably would be pulling Kendrick Perkins type stunts come November if there are no games.  It is even better that we don't have to say good bye to any of these guys just yet.  If anything, the time off should benefit the veterans who have put a lot of minutes on those legs the past few years.

On Page 2:  Is Doc STILL hunting for a "defensive coordinator?" 

The Boston Globe is hinting that the promotion of Mike Longabardi to Bench Assistant isn't going to fill the void left by Tom Thibodeau, and more recently Lawrence Frank (who took Detroit's job, good luck!) They say that Doc has been quietly searching for an assistant or defensive coordinator.  I am not sure who he has in mind but I do know Larry Brown and Jeff Van Gundy are available.  I would not object due to the comedy factor both would bring.  

The last bit of news, well more thoughts than news, is a question I want to propose.  Did Rajon Rondo have an effect on Kendrick Perkins this past weekend for the Charity game in Beaumont?  Perkins had a hell of a weekend with dehydration, partying, fighting and handcuffs.  

This is not the usual Kendrick Perkins and it probably was the first time he saw Rajon Rondo off the court since the trade.  I am not hinting Rondo is a gangster and bad influence, but it kind of reminded me of seeing an ex-girlfriend.  You are happy but sad because she is leaving you at the end of this night, most likely not to be there tomorrow.  We know they were best friends during their time in Boston, it is never easy to say goodbye. 

As I said, it is slow as hell with this news.  If John and Chuck would let me, I would make up news just to have something to write.  Maybe I will start writing short children's books with the Celtics as characters with moral stories like why you should always leave a note. 

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