Ultimate 1-on-1: Kevin Garnett vs. Bob Cousy

Ultimate 1-on-1: Kevin Garnett vs. Bob Cousy

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Ultimate 1-on-1: Kevin Garnett vs. Bob Cousy

1-on-1 In a bit of an upset, 12th overall Bill Russell beat 5th overall Reggie Lewis in our Ultimate 1-on-1 tournament.  I really saw Reggie's do-it-all kind of game as being too much for even Russell to stop, and I didn't see Russ as enough of a 1-on-1 guy to make it past Reggie. 

Remember, folks, this is a game of 1-on-1.  Two men enter, one man leaves.  

Our next matchup pits Kevin Garnett against Bob Cousy.  It's an interesting matchup of big vs. small.   On we go.

(8) Kevin Garnett
1-on-1 advantage:  Height, shooting, defense.  KG can hit from almost anywhere on the court.  And he hit the turnaround jumper on almost anyone.  Against a taller defender, he can loft one out of reach.  Against a smaller defender, the rim will be in full view for him to shoot at.  Defensively, he's been known to get down against guys of any size, so he won't shy away from facing a guard.

1-on-1 disadvantage:  Ballhandling.  KG used to be a better ball handler but he won't be wowing anyone with crossover dribble drives anymore.  If he's forced to dribble too much in a 1-on-1 situation, he'll likely turn it over. 

(9) Bob Cousy:

1-on-1 Advantage:  Quick, good ball handler, nifty finisher around the rim.  Also has a hook shot that he can break out in a pinch.  

1-on-1 Disadvantage:  Size.  Will have trouble getting the ball back after a miss or guarding a bigger player who may back him down.  

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