Ultimate 1-on-1: Paul Pierce vs. ????

Ultimate 1-on-1: Paul Pierce vs. ????

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Ultimate 1-on-1: Paul Pierce vs. ????

1-on-1Paul Pierce cruised past Kevin McHale to move into the finals.  The question is, who will he face in the ultimate 1-on-1 showdown? 

Will it be top overall seed Larry Bird?  Or will it be upstart Bill Russell?  We'll find out today as those two face off for the right to face The Truth.

(1) Larry Bird:
1-on-1 Advantage: Shooting, scoring, intelligence. Bird is a do-it-all player in the 1-on-1 game.  His ability to hit from anywhere on the court makes him dangerous against anyone.  He makes up for any deficiencies in speed by forcing you to play up on him and then setting you up for any move he wants to make.  He's a pretty good rebounder too, and his basketball IQ will let him know within a fraction of a second whether his shot is going to be off or not, giving him an edge to get to the rebounds.

1-on-1 Disadvantage:  Speed.  Bird isn't a fast guy.  He can be exploited with a quick first step, especially if he has to respect a jumper.  If a player can consistently hit from mid-range and force Bird to play up on him, then he might have a chance to get by for a layup.  Just don't miss.

(12) Bill Russell

1-on-1 Advantage:  Size, defense.  Bill Russell seemed to block every shot that went up against him.  At 6'9", he's not TOO big to go up against a guard but not too small to face a big man. 

1-on-1 Disadvantage:  Shooting.  Russell could finish around the basket, but his range doesn't extend out too far.  Unless he gets in close, he might have a tough time scoring.

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