Your Morning Dump... Rondo on display in James/Wade charity game

Your Morning Dump... Rondo on display in James/Wade charity game

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Your Morning Dump... Rondo on display in James/Wade charity game

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Although Rondo's minutes were limited in the game, splitting the team's point guard duties with the Houston Rockets' Jonny Flynn, it was clear that Rondo is fully recovered from the elbow injury that marred his 2011 playoff campaign.

Rondo largely played the role of distributor, feeding the ball to shooters like James and Kevin Durant. Active on both ends of the court, Rondo's busy hands and tireless energy were a welcome sight for Celtics' fan starved for court action.

Resplendent in his signature lime green kicks, Rondo was aggressive with the ball, driving and kicking it out to the open man. Ever the showman, Rondo tried a number of trick passes—not always successfully. The always interesting Rondo jumper was even on display.

Although Celtics' fans would be advised not to read too much into Rondo's performance, at the very least they can rest assured that Rondo is showing no ill effects from his injuries.

Bleacher Report

This may be the only time I ever quote a story from Bleacher Report (they make John and I look like Woodward and Bernstein). But I was willing to break Rule 1a in the Red's Army code of ethics because:

1. The author did not make any questionable claims

2. This was a meaningless game

3. This was the only information on Rondo's performance in the game

Here are some highlights from CBS Miami. You can see a flashy Rondo bounce pass to LBJ at the 45 second mark.

As for the lockout, I'm not really sure what the hell is going on. There are no formal talks scheduled between the owners and players union. The players apparently are refusing to budge from 53% BRI and the owners won't meet unless the players are willing to go 50-50.

For a multitude of lockout reports, check out

The rest of the links:

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On Page 2, another pic of Rondo from the game.


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